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The Beauty of Having a Pet

The Beauty of Having a Pet

Monday March 16, 2020,

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Be the Person Your Dog thinks You are - John W. Stephens
Dogs make the best companion!

We see this quirky quote quite often. Although it sounds pretty simple, a dog’s thought-process is quite deep. He loves you unconditionally. He loves you more than anyone else on the planet. And, he thinks, you are the best person in this world, a person who loves and cares for everyone. 

Having a dog in your life makes it much more beautiful than ever. So, if you are planning to adopt a dog, but still finding reasons to convince yourself, relax! Here we have rounded up some of the best reasons why getting a furry friend is a good idea. Excited, right? Let’s read on!

Goodbye heart diseases

Apart from being the best stress buster, a dog is the best thing that can happen to you. According to the AHA (American Heart Association), having a dog protects you from the risks of developing heart diseases. 

Get overloaded with love

Imagine coming home to lots of cuddles and furs after a long tiring day at work. Your dog knows that you are almost home. So, by the time you climb the stairs or knock on the doors, he will be already there for you, wagging his tail right on the door. 

When senses that you are around, he will bark, and call people at home to open doors for you. And, the moment he will see you, he will jump at you to tell you, “I know, it has been a hard day master. Don’t worry I am there for you”.

The funny thing is – even if you go downstairs to get some groceries and return in 5-minutes, he will greet you as if you have been out for centuries. 

The best companions

Lucky are the people who have dogs at their homes because a dog will love and take care of you till his last breath. And, he will be your best companion when you have no one around.

Dogs read your mind

A dog somehow understands that you are upset. He will joyfully share his prized toy with you to make you feel better. Try to understand his feelings. That toy is the only thing he has and he is ready to share it with you. It’s pure love.

A workout partner to motivate

Do you know that a dog is the best workout partner? Yes, he will go extra miles to motivate you to do more without making you feel guilty when you have no energy left, and you bump on the couch.

He can be your cheer leader

And, the days you feel alone and depressed, he will try to cheer you up. But, if you need some alone time, he will give you space and sit quietly by your side. It’s something humans hardly understand.

Best immunity boosters 

Do you have kids at home? And, this is why you are refraining from adopting a dog even when you desperately want to? According to various studies, it has been found that dogs actually prompt an immune response against allergies. So, let your kids enjoy the company of dogs. 

Do you need more reasons to adopt a dog?