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13+ Best Online Course Platforms (2020)

Here is the list of top 13 Best Online course platforms In 2020 to create and sell online courses. Must use these training platforms.

13+ Best Online Course Platforms (2020)

Wednesday July 22, 2020,

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Are you looking for best online course platform in 2020 then you are on the right place. In this modern world, if you have skills, you can monetize them by teaching on the best online course platform. This is also an E-learning platform for knowledge seekers from experts, professionals, and trainers to learn new skills. Today, many people are earning a higher income through E-learning industry. Here, we have listed the top 14 online course platforms. These are as per learners rating and reviews.  

What Are Online Course Platforms

Digital classes or virtual courses are advanced learning management system or LMS. Today, the web-enabled world has allowed serving the knowledge-seeking community through interactive online services. Hence, online course platforms have provided opportunities for everyone to build some courses and earn online part-time or full-time. Here, learners or users are your customers. You may be using a standalone, shared, and WordPress-based E-learning platform. Yet, they do give payment for using their platforms to build your course and sell them to the needed people. Here, students pay for online classes.

Best Online Course Platforms 2020

1. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds are popular as trusted white-label online course platform. Their online course builder is easy to build without any technical knowledge. When it comes to pricing, it is much affordable for anyone willing to earn online by conducting digital classes. It is a user-friendly and all-in-one tool for educators, trainers, and learners. 


  • LearnWorlds drip feed feature enables you to do proper scheduling of your 
  • LearnWorlds lets you use cloud-based platforms.
  • LearnWorlds offers online course builder customizing tools.
  • LearnWorlds enables you to do a synchronized transcript by adding interactions for learners.
  • LearnWorlds offers to build unlimited courses.


  • LearnWorlds Starter Plan costs $ 24 a month
  • LearnWorlds Pro Trainer Plan costs $ 79 a month
  • LearnWorlds Learning Center Plan costs $ 249 a month
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2. Podia

Podia launched its standalone learning management system in 2016. Since then, this online course platform has gained much popularity among online tutors. They were able to create and sell online course with a few hours. Hence, this is the best all-in-one platform for business, educational enterprises, and students. You can try their 14-day free trial to create your course online. 


  • Podia offers unlimited hosting.
  • Podia offer free migration.
  • Podia enable you to link your domain page, which you wish to make your brand name in the online course marketplace to visitors. 
  • Podia.com serves in 11 languages and accepts 22 currencies in their payment gateway. 
  • Podia is the best online course platform, where you can try a free trial on online course builder.


Podia Mover Plan costs $ 39 a month

Podia Shaker Plan costs $ 79 a month

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3. Edureka

Edureka is one of the Indian-based online course platforms. They are pioneer in teaching technical niche training courses online. They provide certification courses 24/7 for busy people. It is the best online course platform for students and working professionals in computer science to sharpen his or her technical skills in the advanced level technical courses.


  • Edureka serves 24/7 with online customer support.
  • Edureka.com offer much comprehensive niche training courses than professional online course providers in the same platform.
  • Edureka serves busy students and working professionals through their app. It supports iOS and Android devices. 
  • Edureka serves web hosting in HD video quality.
  • Edureka offers corporate tanning programs.


Edureka online course price starts from $200 and above. You may have to pay higher for certification programs on niche educational courses. You must check current pricing on Edureka.com.

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4. Teachable

Teachable is the best online course platform from 2014 globally. Today, Teachable Inc enables teaching professionals, trainers, and others in education filed to sell online course or professional online course without any virtual courses infrastructure. This is because they offer an all-in-one online course marketplace. Teachable comes under standalone E-learning platform.


  • Teachable offers unlimited courses and students for all of their paid plans.
  • They accept payment on behalf of you from students and pay to your bank account or via PayPal on a fixed date in a month.
  • Teachable provides unlimited web hosting.
  • They do serve an app version for smart people with iOS and Android devices.
  • Teachable is the best online course platform for the education business. It has all the necessary tools.


  • Teachable Basic Plan costs $ 29 a month
  • Teachable Professional Plan costs $ 99 a month
  • Teachable Business Plan costs $ 249 a month

5. Thinkific

Thinkific Labs Inc developed a standalone online course platform for educational enterprises in 2012. Here, enterprises can sell online course, and market any online education delivery and management in your brand. Either, they do not touch your copy write of your virtual courses and contents delivered through using thinkific


  • Thinkific is user-friendly features such that you can create a course and go online instantly.
  • Thinkific supports many multi-media tools for more engaging with students without any coding. 
  • Thinkific gives attractive offers and free trials to pull students on their best online course platform.
  • Thinkific offers free web hosting 24/7.
  • You can sell online course by using their cloud-based interactive online services.


  • Thinkific Basic Plan costs $ 49 per month.
  • Thinkific Pro Plan costs $ 99 per month.
  • Thinkific Premier Plan costs $ 499 per month.

6. Kajabi

Kajabi, LLC started its online course platform in 2010. Their headquarter is in Irvine, CA. As on today, they have 25,000 plus course creators. The educational enterprises and teaching professionals can try their 14-days free trial. You can design your site with unique landing pages to pull students form-listed countries where they serve.  



  • Kajabi has an app version for smart people with iOS and Android devices.
  • Kajabi is the best online course platform to use an all-in-one E-learning management system.
  • You can do live webinars by using their cloud-based platform.
  • Kajabi offers unlimited video hosting to create and market a professional online course.
  • Kajabi pipelines feature enables you to do optimized marketing of your courses and convert those led into a sale. 


  • Kajabi Basic Plan costs $ 119 a month
  • Kajabi Growth Plan costs $ 159 a month
  • Kajabi Pro Plan costs $ 319 a month

7. Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is a costly and much effective online course platform. They do offer online certification and training programs. Hence, it is the best online course marketplace for business-to-business or B2B training and Educational Professional. This white-labelled platform offers courses in major educational niches.


  • Academy of Mine is the best online course platform, which is available for all devices.
  • Academy of Mine offers personalized branding for your learning management system.
  • Academy of Mine offers drag and drop course builder, which is user-friendly too.
  • Academy of Mine offers free development hours.
  • Academy of Mine offers course manger. 


Academy of Mine Plan costs $ 997 a year.

8. TalentLMS

TalentLMS or learning management system is a cloud-based online course platform. It is the best online course platform for corporate learning and training employees 24/7. It is also one of the trusted microlearning and micro certification platform for medium and big business partners. You can customize this online course marketplace for customers and channel partners. You can log in and try their free trial.


  • TalentLMS allows contents from other sources like from the web and already recorded videos. 
  • TalentLMS features assessment engine to find test results. 
  • TalentLMS file repository feature allows sharing files with a particular user.
  • TalentLMS has survey engine to check your survey responses.
  • TalentLMS app has mobility-friendly contents for E-learning. 


  • TalentLMS Starter Plan costs $ 59 a month
  • TalentLMS Basic Plan costs $ 129 a month
  • TalentLMS Plus Plan costs $ 249 a month
  • TalentLMS Premium Plan costs $ 449 a month

9. CourseCraft

CourseCraft is the best online course platform for a beginner in online course builder. Yet, this is one of the trusted online course builders for enterprises. You can try their free trial, which offers a limitation of 100 users. This is a user-friendly all-in-one digital course platform to build unlimited courses and make money online. You can try their paid plans after testing their free trial.   


  • CourseCraft provides free hosting services. 
  • CourseCraft accepts payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal.
  • CourseCraft has a lesson-scheduling tool, which saves your time by pre-fixing the dates.
  • CourseCraft allows you to integrate your domain or blog sites.
  • CourseCraft allows up-sell through add-ons, which will boost your income by offering virtual courses.  


CourseCraft Club Plan costs $ 29 a month

CourseCraft Society Plan costs $ 59 a month

10. Ruzuku

Ruzuku online course platform is the best to anyone willing to sell online course for the first time. Their 14-days free trial is the best to use and check your digital course building in education delivery and management. You can take your interesting niches and sell them to the enthusiastic learners quickly by using this digital course platform online.  


  • Ruzuku allows you to do a course on-demand.
  • Ruzuku allows you to upload already recorded videos.
  • Ruzuku offers Global Content Delivery Network or CDN.
  • Ruzuku allows joining social forums in their platform to learners. 
  • Ruzuku allows scheduling classes with notifications for students.


  • Ruzuku University Plan costs $ 125 a month
  • Ruzuku Up-and-Comer Plan costs $ 83.08 a month
  • Ruzuku Bootstrapper Plan costs $ 74.75 a month

11. DigitalChalk

DigitalChalk is mush affordable online course platform for beginners in online course marketplace. You can check a demo first before course building of your choice. This is because; they do not offer a free trial. They take 8% joining fee from every student. This can be a steep cost for any learners. Yet, they will get more features than any other education delivery and management online.



  • DigitalChalk is a learning management system, which is on the cloud-based platform. 
  • DigitalChalk offers unlimited access to students and storage.
  • DigitalChalk allows migrating from cross platforms.
  • DigitalChalk offers a user-friendly dashboard to analyze your digital course activities.
  • DigitalChalk allows you to do custom branding.


  • DigitalChalk has $ 25 plan per month only as of now. 

12. Teachery

Teachery is a dream online course platform for anyone willing to sell online course. It is a user-friendly all-in-one platform. Here, you need not have any technical skills to build your course and earn money online. You can try their 2-weeks free trial and go for a paid plan. You will save 20% when you select their annual plans.


  • Teachery offers customizable course templates for new course builders.
  • Teachery offers unlimited courses.
  • Teachery allows you to create unlimited courses and unlimited students.
  • Teachery offers course style editor to make your E-learning more engaging. 
  • Teachery provided user-friendly analytics on your virtual courses through their dashboard. 


  • Teachery monthly plan costs $ 49 a month 
  • Teachery annual plan costs $ 470 a year

13. AccessAlly

AccessAlly is a WordPress based learning management system. It is advisable to check their free demo first before going for paid plans. This is the user-friendly all-in-one platform, where you must know who to use WordPress. This online course platform has more than 2.5 million users. 


  • AccessAlly allows payment gateways through Stripe and PayPal.
  • AccessAlly permits from bulk course enrollment through an umbrella account.
  • AccessAlly has a drag and drops feature for easy course creation.
  • AccessAlly allows learning management system plug-ins.
  • AccessAlly allows integration and scheduling of courses. 


  • AccessAlly Essentials Plan costs $ 82 a month
  • AccessAlly Pro Plan costs $ 108 a month
  • AccessAlly In-house training for new teams and new hires plan costs $ 2500 a year

How Do I Create and Sell Online Courses? - 6 ways

1. Develop a Standalone Online Course Platform

If you have IT infrastructure and money; then you can go for a standalone type of education delivery and management online. Either, standalone is the best online course platform to build your brand. Here, your website is going to promote your course. You create courses and sell them to learners. Here, you do not advertise or get from others. Here, you can build unlimited courses. Here, you monetize out the most, as you are not going to share with anyone as a commission, charges, or a fee. Here, you will grow as users or member’s increases.

2. Sell your Course on Shared Online Course Platforms

Here, you need not send on IT infrastructure and a website as you are using a shared online course platform. Here you are going to sell your course on directories. This is because there are many people involved her to sell their skills and earn a passive income. However, you cannot expect a huge sum as standalone platforms do.

3. Use WordPress to Sell Online Course

You need some technical skill to use WordPress and promote your courses as a standalone platform. If you are not conversant with WordPress, you might need technical help from a webmaster. It is advisable to learn WordPress if you wish to do it independently. This is a user-friendly tool, which you can learn soon from a website developer. After that, you will know who to make use of WordPress plug-ins to promote your online courses.

4. Chose a Free Online Course Platform

A beginner can try a free online course platform first. Here, you need not worry about any technical aspects. All you have to do is be ready with your course. You can upload those videos easily by seeing a demo. They take payment on your behalf and pay you back too. Here, they may give some limited space to upload your courses.

5. Chose a Paid Online Course Platform

You must spend a few thousand dollars to sell your course on the paid online course platform. Here, users are more, and you will get learners soon. In this way, you need not spend on marketing and save money and your time. They offer unlimited courses and learners.  

6. Chose the Best E-learning App

The online course seekers are mostly busy people. Either, they are mobile-friendly as they use more than one internet-enabled device. You must target those people and create niches as per those learners. Here, you have to do research and find out what those smart customers are looking to learn through apps.