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Top 8 UI/UX Design Trends In 2019

Top 8 UI/UX Design Trends In 2019

Sunday March 31, 2019,

4 min Read

Web Design Trends 2019

2019 was a year when UX has been at the center stage and its importance will continue this year as well. There is a number of trends which are likely to dominate in 2019. Trends are there for a reason. One needs to compel trends and know how to navigate them to get the best result. Now let’s get into the UI/UX design trends that we think are worth keeping an eye on in 2019.

Functional animation

Functional animation is not something new for designers. Nowadays browsers are very much capable to handle animation in the much better way. They are used to bring attention to certain elements and explain the relationships between objects. However, it’s not about flashy elements for enhancing the decoration. Micro-animations have created a huge impact on how people interact with interfaces.

Voice Interface

The demand for voice-enabled devices is rising strongly. Voice-first devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home are quickly becoming a common element of modern houses. As per the recent survey, smart speaker installed base reached 100 million worldwide in 2018. It shows that designers have to give more focus on designing for this new medium which interfaces with both voice and visuals. We have to wait and watch to see the potential of voice UI unraveling in e-commerce and other types of web services.

Oversized headlines

Oversized headlines are used in many websites and mobile app as it has more visual weight on an important message. You have to very clear about spacing and placement of elements because it says a lot about the company. Select a typeface smartly for the process of comprehension. Go for the fonts which are easy to read like sans serif fonts and after selecting one test your layouts on readability.

Deep flat design

Flat design is very unique and it is also capable of exploring further. Today the customer give the response to more life-like objects and it has become possible with the combination of Real 3D and CG. The main reason for adding dimension to flat design is its shadow and light positioning and reflections. Various other assets like overlapping elements, shadows, pattern and textures create more sense of space and together they all bring products to life.

Video background

Since years videos has successfully attracted more visitors. A well-suited video can really engage more traffic onto your site. Choose a video as a background element as it will work as an integral part of the story or any experience. Make sure you consider all the aspects before implementing background videos. This may reduce down page load time and other accessibility issues. One can easily capture and implement an HD video making it as a background video.

Unique Illustrations

Illustrations are one of a more important tool in designer’s toolbox. They act as visual assets which a user can remember and connect with the product. It’s a perfect way for storytelling. Well crafted illustrations can allow designers to express complex ideas in an easy way with minimum words. Illustrations make understanding of the concept clear and in a glance. Many digital products use them as they are very powerful.

UX Writers

Visual language is a term often used by designers when they discuss graphical user interfaces. It is basically how user and digital products communicate. A lot of company hire “UX Writer” in their product teams who will have to match words and visuals. His Job is to make sure that the text copy creates the best possible experience. The demand for “UX Writer is increasingly vigorously.

Design Systems

As the project complexity is rising, designers are continually looking for new ways of working. Designers keeping their strong focus on creating design systems which will a collection of reusable UI elements and patterns. Companies will hire special people who can build design systems.

In Nutshell,

No matter it is 2018 or 2019 or on what device or interface you provide digital experience one thing will always remain constant is the flawless performance. All-time trends will always be more honesty and kindness in the digital frame. Make sure you provide the best user experience in terms of simplicity, usefulness and respect. Your sincere intent will always speak for your design at its core.