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Best SEO Techniques for Multiple Location Businesses

Online marketing techniques to improve your business. SEO for various locations can be used for a product-based as well as service-based businesses. Hire the best SEO company in Delhi for the best results. In your company website, you can include customer reviews from multiple locations.

Best SEO Techniques for Multiple Location Businesses

Monday June 08, 2020,

5 min Read

Online marketing techniques involve Search Engine Optimization or SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO, and other similar strategies that can prove to be helpful to improve your business. If your company provides services to multiple locations, then SEO marketing can prove to be quite useful. SEO for various locations can be used for a product based as well as service based businesses. Hire the best SEO company in Delhi for the best results.

Say, for instance, your company offers home services at multiple locations. Additionally, you have branch offices at different places and want to expand your services so that you can increase your market access. Here, SEO marketing can prove to be quite helpful. In your company website, you can include customer reviews from multiple locations. You can give specifications regarding the services offered at particular locations.

Additionally, you can also provide details regarding the unique features of the services provided in the specific areas. Such well-defined websites will make it easier for prospective clients to understand the services provided by your company. It will also help you to broaden your customer base. Some of the SEO techniques of multiple location business are as follows:

  1. Make a separate page for each location with adequate content

As per the management of Best SEO Company in Delhi, numerous location companies must make a different webpage for each site. These webpages are integral to the website, but carry information specific to the particular location. Based on the place, the price of a specific product, the services offered by your company and customer expectations can differ. Your company must address these aspects, and details must be provided on the website itself. Another vital part of this SEO strategy should be doing competitor research. You will have to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in particular locations. After that, develop website content addressing the strengths of your company.

This will put you ahead of the competitive curve in a specific area. An essential part of SEO management is developing acceptable content that attracts the customer. This content should be regularly updated and re-shared to ensure the interest of the customer is retained. Moreover, the content should also be location specific, so that you can address the particular customer base. This will ensure that you can target a specific customer base and, at the same time, able to broaden it.

Developing videos for more traffic

For multiple location businesses, it is essential to develop videos that are specific to a particular place. These local videos will attract the attention of the targeted customer base. A necessary part of SEO marketing is to improve online visibility by attracting more traffic to your company's website. Videos have always proved to be attractive, and location specific will definitely draw the attention of prospective clients. According to experts of one of the Best SEO Company in Delhi, creating and maintaining these videos require regular SEO auditing. You will also need to ensure that the internal architecture of the website is updated regularly. This is essential to ensure that the website loads quickly. If, on the one hand, to expand your business, you need location-specific videos, on the other hand, you also need a website that loads quickly.

Additionally, the webpage related to a particular location should also load quickly. A well managed and SEO audited website will load quickly and provide customers will all the necessary information. These are essential for a multiple location business to thrive and expand.

Operate within a single domain

If your business is located in multiple locations, you might be tempted to use multiple domains for each site. But multiple domains mean multiple websites and handling and updated all websites can prove to be quite cumbersome. Additionally, SEO management, on page, and off page SEO management will become complex for separate websites. This is especially true when all the website belongs to the same company, and the products or services offered are essentially the same. The only difference is the locations.

Moreover, the products or services offered by your company in the different locations might be customized as per the site, but cannot be completely different or diametrically opposite. The webpage needs to address the difference in customization based on location. The best way to give all of this information is by maintaining different webpages within a single website, rather than creating separate domains. Separate domains might also create confusion amongst clients if they wish to compare the products and services offered by your company in multiple locations. But if all the products and services are available within a single website, but separate webpage, it creates greater transparency, and clients can understand the business activities of your company better.

Thus, SEO management is essential if you are looking to expand your business even if your company is located in multiple places. One of the easiest methods of doing so is hiring the services of an SEO expert, to understand the specific requirements of SEO management of numerous location business. After that, use SEO management, along with on page and off page SEO as marketing tools to improve your business.