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Interesting reads when you feel lonely or depressed

When someone feels lonely, keeping the zeal up becomes really difficult. Some interesting reads can bring the alacrity back. Here are some of the best advise about what to read when you feel lonely.

Interesting reads when you feel lonely or depressed

Monday July 29, 2019,

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Loneliness can be depressing. Psychiatrist from around the world recommends that the best way to get over loneliness is to have some interesting reads. Reading has the power to divert your mind into a mystical world. It takes you for a ride on a new stream of thoughts, leaving the depressive ones behind.

Before picking up a book to read, when you are home alone or in a situation when you aren’t accompanied by anyone, you need a long- term hook. This hook is a book that you must pick based on your interest. Your interest will define the genre of the book. If you like horror stories, a book on horror experiences will keep you hooked on for hours.

So, here’s a list of things you can read when you feel lonely to keep your mind off depressive thoughts and light up your mood;


Stories have the power to transfer you into a whole new world. Fictional stories often spark the creative side of your brain and allow you to build a situation and characters that are most relatable with. These characters are often built basis your real-life experiences with people, who may at some point in time, reflected the personality of the character in the book. Steamy adult stories allow one to explore their sexuality and try new things to make their bedroom experiences, exclusive.


With the rise in readability of the ‘Agony Aunt’ and ‘Sex Columns’ in newspapers, people are often on the lookout for such content. Reading real people’s confessions gives them hope that their issues are not just their own but a lot of people from across the globe are facing the same. As the recent generation is more vocal about their issues, you get access to a variety of confession pieces based on varied categories. People like to read about adult confessions, sexual problems, relationship issues, work stress and a lot more.

Celebrity gossips

Entertainment news is not the only place to read about celebrity gossips. A lot of magazines cover celebrity stories. For some women, they can spend hours reading and peeping into the lives of their favourite celebrity. This kind of content provides inspirational value to people in the fields of make-up, home decor, relationships, etc. Most of the time, the kind of readings that are provided by these magazines or articles is often rumours. Though, it is not a good practice to spread rumours, but a little fun has never harmed anyone.

Self-improvement books

With the popularity of the ‘The Secret’, there is a rise in the demand for self-improvement books. The idea of talking to a shrink is not quite popular in a lot of countries. Depression and stress are still considered to be undercover topics that only a person, close to one’s soul, can hear about. But, with the availability of self-improvement books, one can help themselves by taking the steps provided in these books. These books are written by authors who have practised these methodologies of attaining happiness in their own lives. The more successful these authors get, the most inspiration a reader derives from these books.


Autobiographies are an interesting piece of content. It takes you back in time and provides the reader a clearer picture of what exactly happened to make the authors famous. These books are inspirational as they beautifully narrate the experiences faced by the author from his very own perspective. The most popular books in this category are Anne Frank, Adolf Hitler and Ozzy Osbourne.

So, the next time you feel lonely, simply pick a book of your choice and start reading to venture into a different world of inspiration and hope.

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