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Business Growth? Customer Engagement is the Answer

Business Growth? Customer Engagement is the Answer

Tuesday September 10, 2019,

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In this of age of digital information, retaining customers is more difficult than attracting them. With so many companies offering the same products and promoting their products and services through ads and content marketing, switching to different brands has become easier and convenient with almost zero switching costs.

So, how can business expect to grow in this hyper-competitive world? Well! The answer is customer engagement.

Customer engagement has assumed tremendous importance in the present era. Through customer engagement, you signify that how much importance you attach to your customers. Also, customer engagement is the key to cultivating brand loyalty and customer retention.

In this article, we are going to analyse some of the best ways through which you can leverage customer engagement as business growth strategy.

Give your Brand a Character

People relate better with a brand that stands for something. For example, Nike stands for people who believe in doing things. The brand resonate more with athletes who go the extra mile to make it count. Make your audience believe in the strength of your brand character by communicating through ads and content.

Strong brand character for customer engagement

Give Presentation a Personal Touch

We are social beings. We prefer informal communication than to formal communication. People relate more to personal content that actually speaks to them. Write as if you are talking to your customers. Understand their problems first and proceed with solutions and how those solutions can be implemented. People trusts those who approach them with solutions.

Offer More than Expected

Who doesn't like surprises? Free gifts and surprise discounts make your customers return back to in hope for earning more discounts. No doubt then, most of the brands today are offering cash-back offers that makes people happy by saving a little more than they expected.

Nothing drive more conversions than the fear of losing out on an awesome deal. Marketers often prey on this by creating a sense of urgency.

Run Success Stories

Share success stories of companies who you have served and who have benefited from you. Research suggests that customer reviews have tremendous influence upon buying decision. Positive reviews can tilt the scale in your favour and change a person's mind, who may eventually buy the product. But, negative reviews may destroy your brand. Make sure you have enough positive reviews that your overall score is above 4 points. Any score less than 4 is disastrous for your brand.

Success stories for customer engagement

Source: indiatoday.in

Provide One-to-one Support

People are reluctant to make a purchase in the first instance, They have lots of queries. They need solutions. Also, may others may have grievances. Live chat functionality on your website or app make your customer stick to you even when they are stuck somewhere or when they are frustrated.

Participate in Expos and Events

Create a buzz around the theme around which your brand is currently working on. This is better reflected in publishing the events and expos in which your brand has participated or organised. Let your customers know that are adopting industry best practices and delivering the latest of the tech world. Make ample use of social media in this arena.

88% participate in trade shows and expos to raise awareness of the company and its brand.


Making your engagement humane is the biggest challenge marketers face. But, with the right engagement strategies, you can break the ice. Whatever you do, make sure customers do not forget you.