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Pandemic accelerates growth for Digital

Check out 10 Digital Marketing ideas for businesses to consider during lockdown.

Pandemic accelerates growth for Digital

Wednesday May 20, 2020,

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Impact of COVID 19 on Business

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COVID-19 has taken a toll on all business sectors be it travel, transport or entertainment. Digital Marketing is an essential step for the road to recovery from COVID-19. Check out 10 Digital Marketing ideas for businesses to consider during lockdown.

Impact of COVID 19 on Business

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has caught all of us off-guard and taken us for a spin. It has impacted us all in more ways than one. With the Corona virus situation worsening every hour, it sure has taken a toll on the economy. It is even speculated that the global economy will suffer a loss of stupefying $26.8 trillion amidst the pandemic. For now, everyone is dealing or trying to figure out a way to deal with the indefinite crisis and marketers are no exception to this.

Downfall of goods

Ever since this outbreak has spread its clutches across the globe, the economic experts have estimated that the worldwide economy is going to take a huge toll – nearly $26.8 trillion.


In the battle of businesses against COVID-19, digital marketing is expected to play an instrumental role in driving them towards victory.

Since all offline and live marketing events stand cancelled, businesses, whether large or small, are compelled to go digital and explore the digital realm. COVID-19 has presented marketers with an opportunity to unleashed new vistas, optimize, shine, re-consider their marketing strategy and redefine their marketing objectives to accommodate future trends. As the global ad spend reduces, a few channels look more promising, and that’s where our focus needs to be. Businesses badly affected by the crisis should look for alternatives and need to invest more on search, social media, and email.

This means that digital marketing has become more important than ever. Small firms have already seen weaker returns on investment due to traditional marketing, giving way to new and innovative marketing methods that drive ROI out of bounds.

As the world goes increasingly digital, so will marketing. What marketers need to do is respond with updated strategies and buyer personas for a different, post-pandemic world.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Pandemic


Here are a few points that all marketers need to take into consideration while strategizing for a Post Pandemic Phase:

10 Digital Marketing Ideas For Businesses to Consider during Lockdown

  1. Need for 1:1 or Personalized Consumer Marketing is more than ever as this is the perfect opportunity to build direct relationships with customers.
  2. Manage PPC Budget efficiently by excluding non-essential upper funnel keywords with lower conversion rates.
  3. With things becoming extremely slow during & after the crisis, continuing with the SEO strategy seems like a great option as, post the crisis there will be no competitors to face, & we’ll start driving faster results once everything settles. Moreover, SEO is the perfect strategy to maintain organic visibility.
  4. Indulge in digital PR to share enriching experiences that add value to businesses and people.
  5. Develop a relevant and precise content marketing strategy based on emerging topics and search. Add value through out of the box content, webinars, live sessions etc.
  6. Focus on customer service & reputation management.
  7. Analyze Consumer Behavior via Search Console.
  8. Create a dedicated page for COVID 19 with related content such as policies, banners.
  9. Focus on brand awareness and development using social media. Devise innovative social-media strategies to strengthen your digital presence.
  10. Keep customers updated via e-mail marketing.

The current lockdown is both a wake-up call and an opportunity for companies to move away from traditional business practices to the new world of digital business — both for operations and revenue generation. Companies would be wise to take a long, hard look at their internal and external workflows and customer engagement and fulfillment processes and create a robust strategy to transform them to ensure both operational endurance and better performance in future.