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The story behind 'My Calorie Limit' weight loss app

This is the story behind why I decided to create a free weight loss app

The story behind 'My Calorie Limit' weight loss app

Wednesday June 08, 2016,

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My name is Tony and iam a 35 year old web entrepreneur.

Several years ago, I struggled with weight.

I trained a lot and tried different diets, just to understand that most diets don't work.

My father had struggled with weight most of his adult life, and now I was going on the same path it seemed.

I thought to myself, why not create my own equations on how to lose weight ...

I started to make mathematical equations to see how many calories I needed to consume each day to reach a certain weight.

It was easier said than done, because I had to take my physical activity level into consideration when making these equations.

But after some trial and error, my equations worked and I could reach and maintain a specific weight just by eating a specific amount of calories each day.

I introduced my new findings to my father who was at first skeptic.

But he had seen my weight loss results (I was 30 pounds down from my starting weight)

and so he decided to give it a try.

He had a starting weight of 325 pounds.

He bought a scale and started to weigh everything he ate.

Counting calories and taking notes.

Just 2 months into his new limited calorie diet, he had lost about 30 pounds.

He continued to follow the plan and 11 months in to it, he had lost 90 pounds.

It was really amazing to see that just because of my equations, my father could lose that much of weight.

Especially since I was worried that he could pass away at an early age because of weight related issues.

My girlfriend also lost weight. And so did some of my friends.

I had these equations written down on a text document inside my laptop.

It was not until several years later that I had a chat with another web entrepreneur who gave me the advice to do something with it, to help others lose weight.

I remembered that he said: " you can't just sell some notes written inside a document, you got to convert it into a software, perhaps an app? " 

That was a brilliant idea.

But I had no experience in building apps, so it took me a few months just to learn about apps, make drafts and write down functionality and get in contact with app developers and designers.

They had to convert what I had written inside a text document into a fully functioning app.

I met a talented app developer from Pakistan online and we started to work on the app.

After 2 months, we were finished and I felt confident in launching my app.

I wanted to help people lose weight.

And I wanted to do it in the most simple way.

That's why my app didnt need any fancy charts, tons of features, inner pages or require any sign up.

Just 3 slider menus where the users set their current weight, goal weight & physical-activity-level, and the app would automatically calculate the daily calorie limit.

I launched the app in Nov 2015 on the app store.

And i started to actively promote my app in the beginning of 2016.

I see growing numbers of downlods for each new week and im very happy that I took the courage to do this and hopefully I have helped a few people lose weight:)

Thanks for reading my story / Tony