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How Digital India Concept Has Changed Face of Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs in India

How Digital India Concept Has Changed Face of Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs in India

Tuesday November 14, 2017,

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Digital India programme was introduced to transform India into a digitally empowered economy. The programme promises to bring positive changes and countless growth opportunities for the budding and existing entrepreneurs. Know here how the concept has changed the face of entrepreneurship in India.

Boosted Connectivity between Established Businesses and New Entrepreneurs

The digital India programme has brought the communities together. The start-ups can now access reliable data and trusted information about setting up and running their business, just with the use of their fingertips. Connecting with the established businesses is no more a thing of pain. With better connectivity assisting/mentoring, the work of business houses has become much easier.

Facilitated Global Reach of the Indian Companies

The Digital India had empowered more and more young entrepreneurs to build innovative solutions and start their own venture for both Indian and global audience. This programme helps the new and experienced entrepreneurs to know about the tits and tats of the global market. The global reach of the Indian companies is eventually elevating the growth rate of the country.

Ease of Establishing a Company

Digitization of the economy has made it easier to start a company. Benefits like self-certifications and online registration of the companies allow the potential entrepreneurs to start their business hassle free. The initiative has mushroomed innovative projects that are further improving the country’s economic growth while enriching career growth of the new generation. Digital India is a much-needed change that this country of youths has been longing for.

Building up of an Organised Market and Healthy Start-Up Ecosystem

Building a digital India is an encouraging initiative that is taking the start-up ecosystem of the country to the next level. A business environment is indeed promising for building an organized market. This exclusive program is giving high expectations to the budding entrepreneurs and the start-ups. The programme comes with the vision of setting up start-up support hubs in the IITs, National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Research (IISERs), and Indian Institutes of Science Education. This will help the local brands to create global footprints. Now we can create technological products, marketable globally. We had the skills and the programme is serving as a platform.

Empowered the Youth to Become "Job-Giver"

This initiative launched by the government is enabling the Indian youth to become job creators and not job seekers. From start-ups to the existing business houses, the programme is encouraging talent, while driving innovation. Moreover, it comes with a dozen of policy innovations and this is further fostering an increased number of creative start-ups.

Resolving of the On-Going Industry Problems

From mobile handset industry to the tech industry, there are countless on-going problems in almost all the industries out there. The digital India programme is designed to help, resolve the issues like delayed quality certification process and others. Due to such slow procedure businesses fail to meet the demand of the market while the consumers are deprived of the right product at a right time. It is expected that the things will become simpler and easier in future with the digitization of the economy.

Lowered Cost of Working

The government introduced the programme foreseeing the value generating a potential of the start-ups and its benefits to the country in the long-term. Digitization has encouraged millions of young minds to come up with new ideas while giving confidence to the investors to seek partnership with the start-ups. This has further lowered the cost in terms of timing. Furthermore, the quality of telecom and IT infrastructure is rapidly improving.

Ease in Execution of the Ideas

Setting up of incubation centers, free guidance on compliance and other added benefits are raising the spirits of budding entrepreneurs to give life to their dream. With the introduction of digital India, the government has hit the nail to eliminate the dilemma that prospective entrepreneurs face in executing their ideas. Today, when it’s easy to replicate an idea, the decision to making the patent process faster had undoubtedly turned out to be a game changer. To sum up, it is an encouraging and positive change that is helping the Indian start-up ecosystem to flourish at a fast pace.

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Digital India is a crucial move towards making a developed India. Boasting extensive use of technology, this step has brought immense opportunities for the potential entrepreneurs. It’s not the only advancement of technology that matters after all. A country’s success rests on how it can be used for making the dreams of millions come true. Digitalization process is enabling the students living in the remotest places to access the pool of knowledge. With the introduction of digital India, programme people are now getting in the right direction of working. Indeed, a combination of people, process, and technology will bring about a huge transformation in the country, and lead to its rapid growth. We just need to set the things in the right manner so that the society as a whole can benefit from digitization.