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Learn how dental implants can change your life

Life leaves traces and your teeth make no exception. You suffer a blow to the head while playing sports or you accidentally fall and fracture one or more teeth. Gum disease and tooth decay can also cost you your smile. 

Learn how dental implants can change your life

Friday July 21, 2017,

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Missing teeth affect smile aesthetics as well as functionality, so they aren’t something to disregard. You should go see your family dentist Vaughan right away and talk about dental implants. Dental implants can make a grand difference, providing a long-term solution for tooth loss. They are a great option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth because of injury, disease or some other reason. No matter how many teeth are missing from your smile, implant-supported dentures can help. Keep on reading to find out more about tooth replacement.



You’re ashamed about your missing teeth. In fact, you’re embarrassed by what people may think of you. Losing your smile is a traumatic experience. If you want to be able to looks straight at people, get dental implants. Here are the surprising benefits of getting dental implants.

Restoring Your Smile

You have gaps where your teeth used to be. That isn’t normal. But do you know what else isn’t normal? Not doing anything about it. What you should do is get implant-supported dentures. Dental implants are the most suitable, comfortable, and secure tooth replacement option out there. They can literally save your smile. The anchors look just like real teeth, imitating their anatomy, and they blend in effortlessly with your other teeth. You’ll no longer have gaps in your smile. As long as you follow the guidelines your dentist gave you, the implant-supported dentures will last for a lifetime. If you want to get your smile back consider dental implant restoration.

Preserving Your Jawbone and Face

The anchors are surgically placed in your jawbone. The titanium from which the dental implants are made is safe to the body, so there’s no need to fear adverse reactions. What happens is that the metal fuses with the jaw, maintaining the form of your smile. Since the jawbone doesn’t dissolve, there will be no changes whatsoever in your appearance. Dental implants prevent jawbone deterioration and actually stimulate the growth of new bone cells. Surprising or not, replacement teeth create the most favorable situation for the formation of bone.

No more struggling with eating healthy

Spaces between the teeth affect your ability to eat. What you do is pick foods that aren’t hard to chew, like pudding or cereal. Or you may turn to less healthier options. However, you’ll not be able to avoid hard-to-chew foods for ever. You’ll get invited to dinner parties and you can’t just say no to the food. Choosing to live with chewing difficulties is not the answer. If the underlying cause of your chewing difficulty is tooth loss, go see a dental specialist. Thanks to dental implants, you can enjoy proper meals. Your teeth will be strong, which is the reason why you’ll not have problems chewing solid foods.

Improved oral health

Replacement teeth don’t just enhance your smile. They improve your health. Because the nearby teeth aren’t modified to support the anchors, your own teeth are left untouched. What’s more, the teeth won’t decay. There are no unattended spaces between your pearly whites, so bacteria cannot give start to decay. The risk of developing cavities is significantly low. In the long run, your oral health is improved. Dental implants are designed to improve your oral health, not just improve your confidence. Keep this in mind.

Improving Your Chances of Climbing Up the Career Ladder

Smiling can help you advance your career. How so? On the one hand, smiling changes your brain. It enhances your mood and, most importantly, helps reduce stress. You should paste a smile on your face, even if you’re faking it. On the other hand, smiling makes you more employable. A simple thing like a smile makes employers assume that you are honest and competent. If you don’t have an impressive smile, then you should better get one. High quality dental implants look and feel like the real thing, besides the obvious fact that they improve your smile. You’ll absolutely love the way that replacement teeth boost your career.



Dental implants have been used for ages in Canada and, as you can imagine, the procedure has been perfected over the years. You’re completely sold on the idea of dental implants. However, you need to determine if you’re a good candidate for replacement teeth. Possessing good general and oral health is important for a dental implant candidate. As a result, your family dentist will check your gums and the quality and quantity of the bone in your jaw. Dentists frequently deal with patients who suffer from severe bone loss, which means that there is hope eve for those in difficult situations. Concerning age, it’s not generally a factor that is taken into consideration. What matters is the patient’s health, not the age.

Everyone from teenagers to older people can get implant-support dentures. The best way to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure is to go see an expert. If you’re not eligible for dental implants, don’t threat. There are other options for replacing missing teeth.



Maybe you’re curious to know what the typical recovery time is. What you need to know is that the recovery time varies depending on the patient and, of course, the number of teeth affected. If the procedure is a simple one, meaning that no grafting is required, there’s virtually no post-operative discomfort or inflammation. After 7 or 10 days, you can get back to your normal life. To be more precise, you can eat anything you want and speak without problems. There are mistakes that can ruin your post-operative recovery. Smoking is one of them. Even if you’re a heavy smoker, avoid cigarettes altogether. The same applies for alcohol. 

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