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All I do is write 'your' Story!

‘A little bit of marketing in my life,  A little bit of branding by my side    A little bit of PR is all I need,  A little bit of SM (social media) is what I see.   A little bit of content in the sun,  A little bit of strategy all night long   A little bit of creativeness here I am,  A little bit of you makes me your gal!’

Thursday May 04, 2017,

3 min Read

Hi, I’m Najeeba M S – a communications specialist!

A Content Writer turned Communications Specialist - I provide customised content solutions for businesses. Be it content for websites, social media sites or even print mediums - I work with clients to enhance and improve their web and offline presence.

I identified this gap when I caught myself time and again spouting ‘gyaan’ for friends, associates and acquaintances, understanding their pain points, helping them turn their thoughts and dreams into workable ideas and hand holding them to achieve it all by themselves.

Sometime during this process, I had my AHA moment! The AHA moment came last year, not with whistles and bells but slowly and surely permeating into my skin. What I do best is communicate, I realised. Be it through text, poems, infographics, videos, press cons – I love talking, I love ideating, I love thinking ‘out of the box’. I love helping people to achieve their communication goals.

Setting out with no contacts, no promotions, no PR and only word of mouth, in the past 9 months I’ve grown from 0 client to having 35 satisfied repeat client-friends!

My clientele is mostly SME’s, mom-entrepreneurs, individuals and I’ve tied up with design houses as well.

I do websites, social media, cover events, wedding speeches, resumes, print brochures and ads…any industry, any beat…

What gratifies me the most is when I sit with a client, we discuss everything. They might just need a website made, but the conversation will cover their product or service line, innovations that can be done, the mediums they use to approach their target audience…. everything!

The consultation is a mix of strategy, branding, PR that can be done, organic ways of reaching out and design. If need be, I also work with them on a project basis, helping them to master social media so they can effectively do it on their own negating the need to get it ‘done’.

So, by the time we are done, I gain a client and a friend!

People describe me as warm, easy to talk to and praise me for my ability to compartmentalize nuggets of information into the right boxes. I describe myself as a dreamer and voracious reader. I get my high when I read and study various industries…there is so much to learn!

To reinstate again why I’m a communications specialist: My forte lies in thinking from a company’s perspective. I become your company. I become your voice. I remain in the background as your page, or website or article or advert shines thru. What everyone hears is ‘your story’. All I do…. is ‘Write your story’.