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Top News Stories : What Is Wrong With Today’s Media

This is an era of rapid change, and media plays a big role in this change, mainstream media should always come with the unbiased and fact-based news, because nowadays media affects a large number of people.

Monday May 29, 2017,

3 min Read

Ever since we were small kids, we were told that mainstream media is like a friend. It is the friend that will always tell us what we should know about current happening around the world, it will keep us updated with latest breaking news and other stories. But nowadays, lots of people are very disappointed by the today's media. What happened to our friend who always used to tell us nothing but the facts? Is it due to the degrading quality of news? Or are we generally so overloaded, and unfocused on the stories that really matters?

What we see today on news channels, whether it is a latest Bollywood entertainment news or political news is just the hyped version of the truth, instead of informing the viewers with actual facts, they serve exaggerated, untrue information and opinions. Well, to be fair we cannot blame just the media for this, we have to ask ourselves what is out responsibility when it comes to media. We are so busy nowadays that we quickly believe what we see or hear in the news. The nature of news channels is largely changed what is used to be a decade ago. That doesn’t mean that every single report or news channel is a liar or telecasts biased news, but there are very few who are really preserving the true nature of the media. Even the newspapers are serving the same version of the news, you just have to randomly pick up an article and you will find that it is a totally biased version of the actual story. Many media houses claim that they always try their best to uncover the truth, but sometimes, after publishing or telecasting a particular story, new facts are discovered related to that story which they add in their next article/bulletin related to that story. But the question is, how many media house are really doing this? And are the readers so idle that they will track the same stories repeatedly for the new updates? The simple solution is, the media should not cook up the remaining story of a news if they don’t have the complete facts, they should publish/telecast the stories with facts they have, instead of adding anything of their own.

This is also a story of news portals, though these news sites are becoming very popular, some sites are just famous for their humorous fake news and some are busy in serving the politically motivated biased news, but as compared to news channels, there are many portals who publish fact-based news on their sites, from latest international news headlines to sports you will find every news. Though media is changing rapidly, we cannot say whether it is for the good or for the bad but it is definitely changing. And there are many news portals and channels where you can get the unadulterated version of the news, you just have to find those news portals and channels, which is not that difficult.