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Tuesday September 13, 2016,

2 min Read

Most CXOs do not find it convenient to search for IT companies using various search engines as one has to go through each website one by one. And the best potential matches are generally not on the 1st page of search.

In any business, the right solution for your business issues may span across products & technologies and  is difficult to search for an IT services company that offers services across many solutions & technologies . Further research by UCLA indicates that 58% of online searchers question the legitimacy of the corporate information on public domain.

ITBirbal.com provides summarized and relevant information to IT buyers, including:

- Knowledge articles around business and IT 

- Profile of information technology solution & services companies

- IT solutions with links to demo video or trials

- Customer Reviews, IT Success Stories,  IT Deals/Offers/Promotions and  IT Events

- Connection to Experts to seek opinion and ability to post IT requirements to get connected to IT solutions & services companies

ITBirbal.com has three faces to business: The IT & ITeS companies who market their solutions & services on ITBirbal.com, businesses who purchase IT solutions & services and influencers who offer IT advisory to businesses. Large companies have mature & experienced IT Leaders and budgets to engage advisory firms to take IT decisions. Most other companies, do not have such budgets or mechanism to evaluate capabilities of IT Service providers and hence decision making is less logical or fact based.

The ITBirbal.com platform is still in beta but is witnessing a growing traction. Lets "Colour the Business Through Effective Use of Technology" - ITBirbal.com