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A fishing port: Alhucemas

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A fishing port: Alhucemas

Monday March 06, 2017,

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A little city with many secrets to discover: that is Alhucemas. We love Alhucemas and we do not know why. It is just the kind of city you really like but you do not have a specific reason why you like it so much. This little fishing port will captivate you with its beautiful beaches and landscapes. So, basically this is an important town in the city.

A good and historical place for Alhucemas is The Ruins of Lixus. This is full of history and it is a really old place you can visit. If you decide to visit this place, you can take the tours that will last like one hour, but you will learn some historical facts you never learned before. Also, a perfect place for the afternoon is the Galerie Afnar. This is an excellent place to go if you really like arts. This place has a collection of pictures that will make you feel excited. You can find work from local artists and some other interesting thing you will surely enjoy.

For places that are important and have a special meaning, going to Jean Genet’s Grave is a good experience to have. This person was a really famous poet and it seems like he is really important. We have a park with its name on the chairs. The Spanish cemetery uses to be closet at that time so you can go here.

If you are looking for some to eat in the Morocco Tours then going to Bacon atlantico, is an excellent choice if you want to have lunch. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner here, and the best part of having lunch or anything here is that you can enjoy the beautiful views that you are going to get here and the relaxed atmosphere that you are always going to have here.


One good thing about this city are beaches. They are clean and you will love to go to one of these, like you never get tired. You can find a golf course here and you can play some sports in here too. You can tay in villas in hotels and everything is going to be fin. So, whenever you need a place to relax, you can just come here and have the best time of your life with the people you care the most like your family or friends.

If you still want to try food, there are many options, but as you are going to be staying here you can have food in the best seafood restaurants. You can visit the Puerta del Sol and the Casa Che Che. These restaurants serve lunch and dinner so it is going to be good for you. If you do not want to try seafood, fortunately you can try Moroccan food and enjoy the Moroccan dishes they are going to give you here. The food may be a little expensive but it is definitely worth it.

Another great thing to do is going to the Loukkos River and enjoys the beautiful views. This is a great place to take pictures and to enjoy the views. It is just a good place to relax and have fun with your family and friends. I do not recommend you to take a bath here, but you can admire it. You can also visit a great place called the Pointe Nador Lighthouse which is an excellent and touristic place that you can enjoy while you are being in this city.

As you can see, there are many things to do in this little fishing port, so I hope you enjoy your visit when you are here.

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