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How do you know it is time to automate the leasing process in your company?

India’s digital diaspora is changing and is changing pretty fast. From the days of being the ‘global service provider’ to the status of ‘automation solution creators’, the journey is fast and fascinating. All industries are witnessing a sea change in approach to automate manual processes in business. Commercial leasing being one of them.

How do you know it is time to automate the leasing process in your company?

Thursday September 21, 2017,

2 min Read

If you are a company with several retail outlets, you already know the pain of managing the leases through spreadsheets. You know that you are fighting a losing battle if you are capturing data in spreadsheets and trying to keep a tab of the latest updates on what is happening in which leased property. You know that there is no data accuracy, no version management, no security, no access control and above all the whole process takes immense time and very much prone to human error. In the highly competitive world of enterprise leasing for retail outlets, all these can prove to be suicidal. The cost of delay and error not only has direct impact on the financial health of the company, it also means lost opportunity.

Think of a scenario, where you are in Bengaluru and ask for an update on the current status of a property that your business development team has spotted in Delhi, it takes minimum of a day for your team to get back to you with an update which is already one-day stale!

How good would it be if you can have the latest status of all your leases at your finger tip? How empowered it feels to have a glance at the dashboard and know how your leased outlets are performing region-wise or to know your total financial outflow as on date on the leases? As the CEO /CFO, you would love it when you know instantly if the leases are generating ROI; as the Business Development Head, you would be relieved that you have the latest update on the new property selection right on the dashboard and no new opportunity is lost; as the Legal Head you know that you have not missed the registration date and all changes in the clauses are just a click away, a digital copy of the all-important lease agreement is in safe repository. Your executives know where to look for information on the leases; your accounts team are in sync with the current rent revision; all activities around hundreds of leased outlets are going on smoothly without wasting time and effort.

Are you already thinking if and only if you could have an application to do all these and make your life easier? It is then time to automate your manual leasing process!