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An Entrepreneur's secret to success

An Entrepreneur's secret to success

Monday January 29, 2018,

4 min Read

How to become successful?

What are the secrets to become productive?

How to make it to the end in one go?


Are you dangling with such questions? In this dog eats dog world, everyone has joined the rat race to identify a simple formula for success.

One simple way is to learn from the ones who made it till the end. Making ultra successful people your mentors can reveal pretty incredible insight on how to outrun, the rest in the lot.

Learning from the first-hand experiences of pioneers is always fascinating. But what we often see is only their public success and fails to explore the private sacrifices they make to accomplish their goals.

Moreover, the law of 33% by Tai Lopez reinstates that, it is inevitable to spend 33% of your time with a mentor. Also, mentors need not be searched in person rather can be simply downloaded in the form of an E-book.

Let’s walk through some glitches in our daily routine, which can nurture the budding entrepreneur in us.

• Master your Minutes

As the rules states, master your minutes to master your life. Most people divide their day into 24 hours. The hourly blocks make them lose out on a lot many essential minutes.

Did you know that there are 1,440 minutes each day? Keeping a schedule of every minute will surely lead you in the right direction.

Time is indeed more valuable than money. Money may come and go but time, once gone can never be reclaimed. Make sure that every minute of your life counts.

• Channelize your Thoughts

Distractions are the major pitfalls in your journey; it is commonly referred to as the shiny object syndrome. Don’t get carried away with other shiny thoughts. Nip them in the bud before they gestate in your mind.

Every morning, devote some essential minutes to analyse the most crucial task. Dedicate your mind and thoughts towards one core focus to manifest the affirmations.

• Replace your ‘To-do List’

‘To-do Lists’ mostly ends up complicating the situation. Hardly 50 percent of the agendas on the list ever get done. Moreover, all undone tasks keep nagging which leads to stress and insomnia, causing the Zeigarnik effect.

Instead, follow a calendar. Schedule all your tasks on a calendar; simply live and work by that calendar for higher productivity.

• Defeat your future self today

Procrastination is embedded in human blood, moreover, time nurtures it further. Our future self cannot be blinded trusted for being time consistent.

The need is to beat procrastination with time travel. Try to introspect and anticipate your future self and come up with solutions to curb future problems of self-sabotage.

• Learn to prioritize, work is not everything

To be entrepreneurs indeed value work, there are always rooms for more to be done. But only work no play will make your life dull.

Prioritize your needs and consciously allocate a portion of 1,440 minutes to other aspects be it workout or spending time with friends and family. A break from work is inevitable.

• Always Pen it down

Consider your brains as a reservoir of thoughts and ideas. Don’t burden it memorize all the varied thoughts.

You should free your mind by writing everything down as and when the thoughts pour out. By doing this you can always refer back and improve on those grounds. Always carry a notepad with you.

• Define time for intruders

Reacting to every email or a ping or a message not only diverts your attention instead lowers the momentum of work.

Like other things incorporate a specific time in your calendar to check for such intrusions. It can vary from once a day to thrice a day but do restrict yourself in a predefined time frame.

• Meetings eats up your minutes

Even though many B-schools emphasize on meetings, however, they are mere notorious time eaters. Usually, meetings defeat the entire purpose of conducting one by having the wrong people meandering around the topic in loops.

Always keep your meetings short, crisp and precise. Every meeting should have a pre-defined agenda. In case any important agenda pops up, pen it down for later.

This is not just a secret to step into the shoes of an entrepreneur; in fact, this mantra if applied together can help gain expertise and excellence in any field.