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Choose Sunglasses Online that help your eyes as well as your Look

Choose Sunglasses Online that help your eyes as well as your Look

Thursday September 05, 2019,

6 min Read

Sunglasses offer the best solution when venturing outdoors by protecting your eyes from the damages of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. A pair of sunglasses goes a long way than being just there for eye protection. It is a fashion statement amongst the youth. Sunglasses for men and women are readily available in the market in a plethora of shapes, sizes and colour. Most of these youth are busy in their lives and often prefer to buy stylish sunglasses online to get protecting from dust, drying breezes bugs, and UV rays. This will have them buying UV protected sunglasses online.

True that people are admonishing since generations with the need to protect the skin from for decades about the need to protect our skin from sun damage. In fact, 10% of all cataract cases are attributed to the UV exposure. But there isn’t much awareness amongst the majority of the population regarding the UV lights for eyes. Spending too much time outdoors without anti precautions for eyes may lead to an irritating growth of pterygium in a longer run. Such Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause serious damage to the surface of the eyes along with its internal structures including cataracts (lens clouding) and macular degeneration (macula breakdown).

That is why it is recommend to buy stylish sunglasses online by checking product details before hand to flaunt your style while keeping your eyes safe. It is important to understand that ocular sun damage may cause anytime – hazy or a cloudy day. Skiers may lead to snow blindness which is a sort of temporary impairment. Many think that sunlight can only cause damage only if hits the eyes directly. But that is not the case. There are harmful, invisible rays reaching the eyes from the sides, below and behind as well which works like the surround sound of ultraviolet. Wearing UV protected sunglasses will keep your eyes safe from the rays that reflect off the sand, water, concrete and snow.

What type of sunglasses should men and women buy online?

Generally, a normal pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses will come with an anti-reflective coating. Such a coating is on both sides of the lens. To get UV protected sunglasses online in India is not that difficult since a few come with the photochromic lenses which can be worn outdoors as well as indoors. Those are the one that has an excellent UV protection such that the exposure to UV even on cloudy and hazy days, will have lens darkening up. It gets clear just when you go inside.

The online sunglasses shopping experience is also improving with many new players coming in. But most of these players look to lure the youth with style and fashion statement. It is not their fault either since most of these young people will think of it as a fashion accessory. A high price does not necessarily mean high quality. People pay more for the style than for safety. It is a sad truth and a perception that needs some real moulding.


When you are looking to buy womens sunglasses and men sunglasses online, check for the following details and information.

- Look for UV protection

Colour and cost is not something that decides if the glasses are UV protected. Sunglasses for men and women may well come in glasses and fibre/plastic. Both tend to absorb a certain amount of UV light. But the real way to do it by adding a few chemicals to the lens material at the time of manufacturing. Go for the sunglasses that clearly states blocking 99-100% of UV rays. Many sunglass labels may read " up to 400nm UV absorption” which also means 100% UV absorption.

- Chose Wraparounds Sunglasses

The sunglass online shopping experience is incomplete without scouting this most preferred sunglass type – the wraparounds. This one offers added protection as it wraps around the temples and ultimately preventing the harmful sun rays from hitting the eyes from sides. This sort of sunglasses is adorned by young men who usually wear sunglasses for commuting purpose on a motorcycle.

- Ability to block enough sunlight

Choosing a good pair of sunglasses should have you consider screening out 75-90% of visible light. Check the coating and density of glass as well by trying out the glasses in front of the mirror. They are too light if you could see your eyes. Consider going for a heavy glass with a dark tint. Women will appear bold in those dark and heavy shades while for men it puts up a more macho side on display.

- Lens quality matters

Buying UV protected sunglasses online in India is easy since you have many websites and vendors to choose from. With this, you have plenty of options to choose the best lens quality. You do this by picking up a uniform tint lens. Also, you can test the lens quality by doing a quick exercise. Hold your sunglasses at arm’s length and try looking through the lenses at a straight line in the distance. Try spotting the window or a door’s edge. And then, gradually move the sunglasses across the line. If you see the straight line distorting, swaying or curving a bit then it means that the lens is flawed.


It is highly recommended to check the sunglass thoroughly before buying it. If you are going to buy sunglasses online then make sure you have read the return policy. The colour of the lens does not matter. You can look cool with those yellow-tinted lenses while ensuring UV rays protection. Just that the light tints aren’t as effective for the people sensitive to bright light.

Sunglasses are necessary for children as well. Buy stylish sunglasses online for kids since they are more vulnerable to eye damage caused by the UV rays. It is so because their eye lenses are very clear and pupils are wider as compared to adults. This makes way for the harmful rays in reaching the retina which can cause significant damage early on in life. But even they will love to put up a stylish display of sunglasses which is nothing short of a toy for them. But it will eventually help them to style up while protecting their eyes.