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Convert Thunderbird to Outlook & Open mailbox in PST file

Transfer Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook using direct method and open mailbox in PST. This method is completely secure to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook & Open mailbox in PST file

Monday June 17, 2019,

5 min Read

If you are here, it means that you are suffering from Thunderbird to Outlook migration issue. You can solve the problem of this conversion and get the best solution to recover Thunderbird mailbox in PST. I will suggest you the manual process but when you have some MB mailbox it is good and free. So many users want to try it first.

Why is the need to select MS Outlook for Thunderbird mailbox?

This is a major concern for many users who want to find a better alternative to Mozilla Thunderbird. You will find many email clients when you search on the internet, but choosing the right depends on some topics.

Data Security: We all know how much expert is in the case of Microsoft security, as well as the knowledge of collective measures used to secure access to email accounts or services and content. Email service provider enforces email security to protect email accounts to customers. So that, it can keep data safe from an unauthorized access or hackers.

Cross Platform: Thunderbird and Outlook are both cross platforms and all run on Windows and Mac OS. But instead, Microsoft offers an Outlook App to use on Android and Windows Phone. That helps the user to send, receive, and create emails from anywhere using the Internet. That is also a main point to convert Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook.

Features: Outlook is much better than Thunderbird compared to the features. Because, it keeps all those properties that require large organization such as Meeting Arrangement, Reminder, Notes, etc.

Exchange Server Connection: Outlook provides a connection with Exchange server which is more profitable for admin department. With this, administrator can check the mail of each sender or receiver as well as keeps a copy of each mail.

There are also several other steps that point out to MS Outlook. Let's take a look at the manual process, but for this, you will need some technical knowledge.

Manual steps to convert Thunderbird to Outlook and Migrate mailbox in PST format

The manual method is a combination of two separate sections. Each section is important for successful conversion of Thunderbird to Outlook.

(A)  Move Thunderbird mailbox to Eudora

(B)  Import Eudora mailbox into Outlook

Move Thunderbird mailbox to Eudora

  • Eudora is also an email client that stores data in MBX format. Both MBOX and MBX are family formats and hold the same folder structure.
  • Now copy the TB mailbox data and paste Eudora to the default location. Change its extension to MBX like ABC.mbox = ABC.mbx

(Note: Thunderbird mailbox does not show the MBOX extension. So, use the right button of the mouse and go to the properties option to check the mail format.)

Import Eudora mailbox into Outlook

When you put the complete mailbox into Eudora file location then Run MS Outlook

  • Go to file tab and Choose Import Export option.
  • Choose “Import internet mail & address” then click next button.
  • Select Eudora 2x, 3x, 4x pro and light option and hit next
  • Browse the Eudora file default location and enable “do not import duplicate item”.
  • Choose your destination folder and click on finish button.

Now wait until the conversion process end.

To follow the above steps, you can easily migrate the Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook.

Drawbacks in this process

Manual process is suitable for few MB data but for large mailbox it show lot of error and issues.

  • Lost folder structure and attachments.
  • Damage image, inline text and diagrams.
  • No time limits.
  • Chance to loss the data between the complete migration.

Direct Method to transfer Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook

On the Internet, you can easily find many tools or software to export Thunderbird Mailbox to Outlook. But how safe is it, it can not be said. I have also used some tools that you can use to transfer data from Thunderbird to Outlook without any hassle.

Two prestigious utility for Thunderbird to Outlook conversion

MailsDaddy Thunderbird to Outlook Converter: This is the best GUI based application that easily transfers the data from Thunderbird to Outlook. The tool has lots of effective features that help you to migrate mailbox with complete folder properties. With this solution, user can search the particular mail and export into PST format.

Notable features: User-friendly interface, Bulk export, Auto load option, Email Filter, multiple conversion option etc.

SysBud Thunderbird to Outlook Converter: This is a single wizard application that takes few steps to move Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook. It also preserves the complete mail properties, inline text and attachments between the entire conversions.

Highlight Features: Simple interface, Batch migration, Auto load & Create single or different PST.

(Note: Both tools runs on all Window Operating System)

Final Verdict: By going to the official website of both Utilities, you can find out more about them. Both are reliable brands and capable of transferring full mailboxes. Since, user can choose an appropriate method (manual or direct) to convert Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook.