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How Coronavirus Will Affect The Connectivity And Tech Industry In 2020

Corona virus has changed everything around the world. Nothing is the same now, not even the way people used to think and work or the way everything in the world used to function.

How Coronavirus Will Affect The Connectivity And Tech Industry In 2020

Tuesday April 21, 2020,

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Corona virus has changed everything around the world. Nothing is the same now, not even the way people used to think and work or the way everything in the world used to function. There has even been a change in the nature of people. All these changes will fade away as the virus gets wiped from the world but there are some things which will stay. It will take a lot of time for the world to again stand on its feet. Everyone will need support and this is the time when we will be one big family.

Everyone in the world is going to need help and fortunately, now everyone is helping each other as well. All the countries are facing the worst and know how bad it is. Many countries lost people who are facing an economic downfall. They will take a long time to again get to the position where they will be prosperous. These were the most developed countries in the world and they are facing the worst now. Healthcare industry solutions in all the countries are working in their best capacities and they still need more resources.

The effects on the IT sector

There is one sector which is affected more than others, it is the IT Sector. China is connected to most of the IT companies and because it was the first country to fall prey to the virus, the IT companies had to face losses. There are many tech industry solutions companies which had to go through many hardships because of that.

Connectivity of industries will also be affected in the future also as they are already facing changes. They are facing some positive as well as negative changes. There is a lot of internet traffic and internet recharges because people are locked inside their houses. There are some negatives of the situation too, they are not able to collaborate or formulate and implement new plans. This is not favorable for companies which are concerned about future aspects and growth.

Following are the ways in which the connectivity and tech industry will get affected by the coronavirus

1. Pandemic stopped production

Covid 19 has caused a global pandemic. Almost all the countries in the world are facing the wrath of the virus and are in lockdown. The production activities all around the world have completely stopped because of lockdowns. This started just when China went into lockdown. China is a country which is responsible for the production and supplies of IT products for many big companies. After the outbreak of the virus, the government decided to lock the country down. Everyone was forced to stay inside their home and hence all the production plants were closed.

It has been long since COVID-19 broke out in China and now the whole world is in lockdown now facing the consequences. Nothing is being produced anywhere in the world. This is something that is making the IT industry tycoons worried. Companies like Sony Playstation and Nintendo are the ones who are badly affected by this. Nintendo launched its new handheld gamepad at the starting of this year. They were disheartened when the production stopped because of the outbreak of the virus in China.

There are many fans on Nintendo gamepads around the world and hence, it was a big set down for them. The fifth edition of PlayStation is scheduled to launch at the end of this year. We don’t know if the gaming console will release this year or not. Sony is giant and it will do whatever it takes to launch it as soon as the lockdown and the pandemic ends.

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2. Many important conferences around the world got canceled

Big telecommunication conferences like Mobile World Congress got canceled as a protective measure. That was a shock for the telecommunication companies around the world. It is a chance to collaborate with each other and grow the business. It is not easy to find all the big companies at the same place introducing their new ideas to each other. The scope of collaboration is gone now. There are still some companies which can collaborate online and can boost the business in this pandemic as most of the people are inside their home and have no option but to use their digital devices.

3. Will induce the development of 5G technology to improve connectivity

It is necessary to have a technology like 5G which can facilitate the instantaneous connections between two companies or people. People are stuck inside and they need something which is super fast and doesn’t lag. There are chances that this pandemic will induce the speed of development of 5G technology.

4. Growth in apps related to healthcare

There will be an increase in healthcare application development. This is important from the perspective of the world, the situations can be controlled and managed with mobile applications. There can be applications which can provide the records or statistics or the news about researches which is going on.

On demand app development will also increase because there are many healthcare sectors which do not have an application of their own. To maintain social distancing, it is important that all the healthcare sectors have their own application.

5. More investment in smart cities as tech is still considered important during the pandemic

For mitigating the impact of coronavirus, cities all around the world tried to utilize the plan of smart cities. With the increase in healthcare app development, there are some noticed technical developments also. Various technically advanced devices such as drones and other equipment are used to keep an eye on the common public during the lockdown. Governments of different countries have developed applications which help in putting self-quarantined individuals in touch with health workers. It allows easy processing of progress reports and answering queries.

These solutions are getting the attention of everyone and have been providing the space for investment in this time of crisis.


Mobile app development companies are the ones which are working to solve problems during the pandemic. Meetings are not possible during the lockdown and it is impossible for companies to fix deals on a video conferencing call. Services like Zoom and Skype are the only options which are left for some urgent needs.