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Here is how you can create a good content Strategy for mobile apps

Here is how you can create a good content Strategy for mobile apps

Thursday May 21, 2020,

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We can all see rapid growth in technology over the past few years. Advancements in technology are happening daily and no stone is left unturned to innovate and create better in this field. With so much growth in this field, mobile phones have become a very important part of human life. Studies say that people may not own laptops or desktops, but a mobile phone is of utmost importance for them. Everybody we know owns a mobile phone and with the rise in great technological advancements, most of them own a smartphone. It is noticed that every member in many households may not necessarily own a desktop or laptop but when it comes to mobile phones, very often all members of a family own their private mobile phones, making this an essential for today’s generation. Since mobile phones have gained so much popularity and are always in demand, they are constantly evolving and new and creative ideas are making it more viable for people to own a mobile phone. Also, smartphones come in different price ranges, some of them being comparatively cheaper making it even more available and affordable for the audience.


What is it that makes these smartphones more engaging for users?

Apart from all the features, they have to offer as a gadget, these cell phones also have the capacity and space to store many apps. Yes, there are plenty of applications available in the market for almost every need or requirement people have. From apps that show weather forecast to health apps and even entertainment apps, there is heavy consumption among users through these applications. So now we understand that apps are the easiest and efficient way to reach a wide audience and keep them engaged with your brand, product or service. These apps are also updated very regularly with new features and interfaces which ensure that users are constantly kept upbeat and they do not get bored from the app.

There a number of mobile apps in the market, which is also considered to be very user friendly and easy to use. Many apps are also liked by people based on their usability, look & feel and a lot of other factors and are further referred by them to their friends and family.

But, what is it that is very important for mobiles apps to have?

What is it that keeps the audience involved and engaged with the app?

How can you get your users to build a rapport with the brand?

How can you communicate with users through these apps?

Now, there are a lot of factors which have been proven to increase the user engagement on applications, most of them are technical and related to the UX and UI of the app, but one of the most important factors is a good Content Strategy. Yes, since how you communicate with the user reflects through your content, it has to be well planned and well-strategized and the audience needs to connect with it. To create a good content strategy for your app and connect with the users you should first identify your content goal and then work around it. You should first identify if you want to communicate informative content or sales driven content or for that matter even marketing content.

In fact, promoting marketing strategies through your content is a great way to let your audience know about different promotions and offers you have for them.

You can have more than one goal and club them together for better outcomes. Once you have your goal in place you can then design the user experience and interface accordingly to go hand in hand and build a story line for your content. While doing this you should remember to understand your audience well, you should understand their expectation from the brand and the brand voice and tone they expect from the brand. Geographical location, socio-economic background and the dialect the audience would prefer is very important to know.

One of the best company to conduct the most efficient User Testings and User Researches would be a UX design Consulting, their moderators have extensive knowledge of how to extract maximum information from participants and highlight the points of interest in a consolidated report. They also conduct researches in all states and regions to ensure that they deliver complete and accurate reports. Once you have your goal and you know your target audience well you can then move ahead and plan the tone of how you wish to communicate with the users through the app. This also depends on the brand guidelines and brand values and requires a lot of brainstorming and inputs from stakeholders. There are many apps that have a very casual and friendly tone, while some others have a very formal tone for their content. This can be thought through and decided based on how the brand wants their audience to perceive them as. 

While creating content for mobile apps it is imperative to plan the length of the content. Since mobile screens are smaller as compared to desktops and laptops, the character limit of content for them should be minimal. Users often tend to drop out from mobile applications if it is content-heavy and they have to scroll multiple times to read something. Even though detailed information is appreciated, but, for mobile applications, it is observed that the users like the opposite. You should entice your users with impactful words which draw their attention instead of lengthy paragraphs that require multiple scrolls which tends to bore the users. Once you have the above-mentioned information in place you can then start planning a storyline along with the design and UI of the application. They need to be aligned with one another to maintain consistency. Also, pay close attention to the uniformity of content throughout the application, ensure that your punctuation, error message content, word casing, header and byline style of writing is consistent across all pages and use cases. Formatting your content is again very crucial for it to be a hit. Yes, pay close attention to not cluttering the screen with too much content, keep clean white spaces, clear headings and subheadings and also check the need for bullet points while creating the content for mobile applications. Clear and crisp content is most advisable to include in a good content strategy for mobile apps.

To create the best content strategies for mobile apps brands should embrace a unique and diverse array of content to keep the users stimulated, involved and engaged. In the end, it is them for whom we create the content, they are the end-user and their engagement on the app is the prime agenda. Optimizing and generating content based on user research, user expectation, brand guidelines, brand values and space limitations play a very crucial role in making the overall content a hit among users. If you are able to break the ice and build a rapport with the audience through your content, you not only have them coming back for more but also increase the overall brand loyalty and word of mouth referral which in turn is a big success for all businesses.