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Creative ways to integrate virtual and augmented reality with your event

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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Technology and science have progressed far enough these days so as to make an event an experience in itself rather than just a boring charade of people and topics. Meeting people, giving speeches, organising things and putting together a whole lot of things is now a cliché and in order to make your event stand out and appeal to the audience, you should use technology. And when we talk about technology, the latest ones doing the rounds of the internet are the augmented reality and the virtual reality technologies. While the two are much similar, some crucial differences make them combine wonderfully together and change the whole experience of your event. Some ways in which they can make your event worth remembering are given below.

Host a splendid virtual event

Now you don’t need to book out places, organise the travel schedule of attendees and spend exorbitant amounts on events. You can directly connect people all over the world using virtual reality and organise the best event that one could possible attend. Whether it be a conference, a seminar, a trade show or any other event even one which requires participations, all can be taken care of using virtual reality. People can be connected from anywhere in the world and made to come together in a virtual setting and interact virtually but with their own real thoughts. The possibilities and dynamism offered in virtual landscape are much more than the ones offered in reality and this will definitely make your virtual event worth remembering.

Include practical experiences in event listing

The best part about virtual event is that you can incorporate much more than just powerpoint presentations, speeches and claps. You can have a virtual arena setup for trying out a game, having a quiz show, having a discussion platform or any other setting which you might require. This helps in getting a first-hand experience for the audience and the target users and it becomes easier for them to give feedbacks or discuss things to iron out the differences on a single platform. The communication and connection become much easier using VR and AR experiences and everyone is one a level platform.

Display products efficiently to a larger number of people

Displaying products in reality is a difficult task as many people want to touch, feel and experience it and so some major features go untouched. However, in an event listing which is virtual, you can display your products in a three sixty degree view and allow people to virtually touch, move and check them out along with all the features. Using technology, incorporations can be made in the products which display all the features when prompted to do so and all the viewers can see them at the same time without any troubles. The reach of VR being infinite, you can have a lot more people viewing your products and being present at your virtual event than would have been possible in a real setting.

Using technology to network better

The use of VR for events surely improves your standing and stature among the people who attend the event. It not only simplifies things for you but also ensures that the attendees have their full attention to the thing at hand and they do not indulge in stray talking. The after event networking session is also much easier as they can interact individually with people and get information personally using the given options, something which is generally difficult in a normal event setting. So, in order to make a good Events in DelhiMumbai, Bangalore and More City you can definitely use VR and AR for hosting it.