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Four essential skills to become an Android developer

I hope this article will provide you the knowledge on  Android and essential skills to become an Android Developer.

Four essential skills to become an Android developer

Tuesday April 18, 2017,

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Android is the best mobile operating system which is used in all mobile phones. For building the android applications the programmers must have a grip on programming. While we are approaching a technology for the first time, it will break down into the pieces. For making your career to start in IT industry, join in Android Training in Chennai. Android has the interface which is based on direct manipulation, using the gestures which will correspond to the actions.


Java is the basic programming language for the development of android applications. For the people who has the complete knowledge in coding for languages like JavaScript and Ruby. Many of them feel difficult to learn the Java programming language. Java and Ruby are the object-oriented which handles the data types. Developers must be creative with their thoughts by implementing or building the applications. Many of the Java programmers are practiced to write the less code which is more significant and precise.

Understanding XML

XML is the important method of encoding the data for internet based applications. It is similar to the HTML which is structured markup language which has the same features like angled brackets, opening, and closing tags. It allows the information to pass between the devices which can consistently comply. For creating the layouts which serve the developers by using the XML for UI web applications. Android Course in Chennai offers t he placements in top IT Companies. Developers can write the Java code which will make the layout elements to run in the same way. They are using the JavaScript to modify the elements in websites which will masters the XML as an important skill for Android Developers.

Android SDK

Android SDK is the Software Development Kit which consists of spy tools with a set of pre-packaged coding. Java developers will access the device functions like the Camera and accelerometer. Gradle is the Android SDK’s library which is the key component. If you want to integrate the Facebook with your application and download the code library from Facebook, Gradle will comply the application. Many of the new android developers will take time in discovering the different SDKs for creating the android application. Many of the examples which have been found in the official documentation which makes it easy to understand and how to install the plug into the app.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the choice of the Android Developers for integrated development environment (IDE). This is built on the top of the IntelliJ IDE which gets the support from out of the box for the Android SDKs. Android Training Chennai offers the training from top IT professionals who are working in top IT Companies. This also features the many of the capabilities developers expect from the full featured IDE. The code debuggers will step into the code to identify the source of errors. There are many advanced tools and maintaining the high performance on mobile devices.

I hope this article is will help the fresher’s who are starting their career in IT industry and for becoming the successful android developer. For more interesting articles, stay connected with us!