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Professional email marketing: The emailing and newsletter solution

Professional email marketing: The emailing and newsletter solution

Wednesday March 07, 2018,

5 min Read

Email marketing is now essential in business when you work on the internet. The digital marketing includes, in particular, the creation of emailing and newsletters that will be created through a dedicated business solution.


Choosing the right professional email marketing software requires you to analyze your needs and opt for easy-to-use but intuitive solutions to take full advantage of them. We will discover the software Newsletter2Go, a professional solution to ensure the sending of your emailings and your newsletters.

Let's see below everything about the newsletter and the sending of emailing, which can be distinguished by a character sometimes informative, sometimes commercial.

Email marketing and newsletter: Your sending options

Sending e-mails is part of the daily lives of almost everyone today. To send e-mail, you can use web-based email tools or e-mail clients that are installed directly on your own computer or mobile device.

In principle, an unlimited number of recipients can be added to a mailing - which could make it seem that mass mailings are easily possible even with Gmail-type mail clients.In fact, you will soon encounter big obstacles with traditional email clients - especially if you want to set up professional emailing campaigns.

Creating groups of recipients is tedious, it is almost impossible to segment your lists, most of your emails will be intercepted by anti-spam filters and it is not possible to create automated campaigns.

In addition, there is no registration management and un-subscription and you will not see complete reports allowing you to analyze the success of your email marketing campaigns.


Newsletters in responsive design

Today, more than 50% of all emails are read on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It is therefore essential to create emails responsive design - that is to say, adapted for display on mobile - unless taking the risk of losing half of its potential customers.

E-mail marketing software usually offers many models of responsive design and features to test the display of your messages on different devices and email clients.

Create personalized newsletters via your email marketing solution

At a time when most inboxes are overflowing, it's important to create individualized mailings that precisely meet the expectations and needs of your customers.

Unlike traditional e-mail clients, professional e-mail marketing software allows you to customize many elements of a newsletter - from the subject to the sender's name by skipping the form or content.

At Newsletter2Go for example, it is possible to define many criteria such as age, civility or buying behavior.

List management: security and clarity for your email marketing solution

Simple and effective management of recipient lists is another great benefit of professional email marketing software. It is thus possible to easily upload recipients in Excel or CSV format or to synchronize your contacts with another shop, CRM or CMS system.

This is very convenient if, for example, you have an online shop because your address lists will always be updated and the duplication will be done automatically.

In addition, it is very easy to manage un-subscriptions and bounces (or rebounds) that will automatically be taken into account by the software. This allows you to easily manage your lists, not to be reported as a spammer and to respect European laws.

In the case of a newsletter sent manually, it may happen to forget to insert an unsubscribe link. With a professional newsletter software, a link to unsubscription is automatically added to each email.

Non-subscriber recipients are disabled in the database and cannot be re-registered even if they are accidentally selected in a new mailing.

If you send many e-mails via your own e-mail client, you will also receive all the error messages regarding impossible deliveries. Keeping an overview is almost impossible in this case. The newsletter software offers most of the time simple management of rebounds.

This means that inaccessible addresses are sorted and that error messages should no longer be evaluated manually. You will also receive an evaluation of un-subscriptions and rebounds for each newsletter sent.

How to write effective newsletters?

Now you have to import your recipients and create your newsletter design with professional emailing software? It is now time to write your content.

Below, discover some examples of effective content that converts:

Almost no reader will read your newsletter word for word. The flow of emails requires us all to select information, sort content and exclude certain newsletters.

So make sure that the reader can learn something important even while flying over your message and try to get his attention right from the object. "Newsletter 01/2018" is not necessarily the object that will fascinate crowds for example. Similarly, avoid generalities such as "important news".

The purpose of your newsletter should be to challenge, excite curiosity and also give a clear idea of what your readers will find inside.


> 5 tips to boost your sales!
> Our new features to discover.
> Only a few hours to enjoy our special offer ...

Once your recipients have opened your email, they still may not read it and close it quickly. To encourage reading, divide your text into small sections with strong titles. These will help your readers to orient themselves and go directly to the section that interests them.


1. The new inescapable trend!
2. Video Tip: How to integrate your technology optimally?
3. Learn more about new data protection laws.
4. Win an invitation for the event of the year!

Overall, it is very important that your text be readable. For this, made use of a lot of white space in order to make the design clearer. Orient also the reading with highlighted elements (titles by examples). Then you need to catch the attention of your contacts with Call-to-Actions or CTA.

These are images or buttons that convey a clear message and simply show your contacts what you expect from them (for example: "Sign up now!" Or "Take advantage of our discount").

To be effective, it is necessary that your CTAs are visible and detach from the rest of the email by their shape or color, that they convey a clear message and that they do not parasitize each other (better little CTA well placed, a swarm of CTAs that flood your email).