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How regular blogging benefits small businesses?

Complete expert digital marketing service is expensive and small business or startups may not afford it, but they can take benefit of some digital marketing channels to leverage benefits of online marketing. The regular blogging is the best and cost effective digital marketing activities for SMBs.

How regular blogging benefits small businesses?

Friday April 06, 2018,

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Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business

In today’s world, you have to make your digital brand strong because everyone is looking and buying from online channels. To capture all online channels you need to take benefit of expert digital marketing services. However, each business can’t afford a complete online marketing package offered by the full-service digital marketing agencies. This is true especially for small businesses and startups who struggle with investing in marketing.

Then, what should they do? Should they wait until the right time when they have a heavy budget to invest in expert digital marketing services?

No, not at all! The SMBs and any other businesses that don’t have enough money to invest in full-service digital marketing can take benefit of its individual channels such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

One of the most affordable digital marketing activities is regular blogging.

What is regular blogging?

It is a process of SEO friendly content writing in your niche and posting it on your website on a regular basis. The SEO blogging is not just writing content and posting on the website. It includes a wide range of activities such as,

• Researching top topics in your niche

• Keyword Research

• Writing SEO friendly content

• Posting content on the website Blog

• On page optimization of Blog

o Title optimization

o Meta description optimization

o URL optimization

o Hyperlink Optimization

o Internal Linking

o External Linking

o Image optimization

To learn more details about it, please read a Regular Blogging: Complete Guide.

Wondering, why should you use the regular blogging?

The main strategy of any SEO expert is content marketing. The content marketing helps SEO experts to bring the best results on the table. The regular Blogging on the website is one of the best content marketing strategies practised by the SEO specialists. In fact, there are many fascinated facts and benefits related to regular blogging.

Have a look at More than 50 Blogging Stats.

The Blog writing and posting can bestow a wide range of benefits to the businesses. Let’s list out the 20 major benefits small business or startup can receive from it:

1. Boost your digital presence

2. Index you on top rankings for Blog topics in search engines

3. Boost your keyword rankings

4. Optimize website

5. Keep website content fresh

6. Increase crawl speed of the site; get crawled instantly

7. Attract more visitors to your site through various channels such as organic, direct and referral

8. Educate your prospects

9. Establish your brand as an expert in the industry

10. Increase the credibility of your business

11. Build loyal readership

12. Increase subscribers list

13. Increase lead generation

14. Increase lead conversion

15. Improve revenues

16. Get featured on other credible sites

17. Attract inbound links

18. Keep your website and business lively

19. Bring engagement and interaction on Blog

20. Help you find investors, partners, etc.

These are the 20 major benefits of regular blogging. Please be cautious from silly blogging practice which yields no results and you left with an impression there isn’t any benefit of it. The regular blogging can bestow many business benefits in lowest investment. All you need to do is you should hire a write expert of the agency.