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Health care has more problems than just appointment scheduling...

A Start-Up from Navi Mumbai is interested in setting up a single platform for all healthcare departments....

Health care has more problems than just appointment scheduling...

Friday June 03, 2016,

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A start -up from Navi Mumbai wants to explore the next process of Healthcare, sometimes appointment scheduling is not the only problem for the patients or doctors or other healthcare departments .

So Mediclixx came up with a new idea of tracking patient's records without the need to fill any information.They are creating the inter-communication platform for all the healthcare departments like hospitals ,doctors, chemists and pathlabs.

Mediclixx.com  connected  Healthcare

Mediclixx.com  connected  Healthcare

They have already connected more than 15K patients in 2 month with 500 doctors and started to keeping record of all the cases ever seen by doctors .They call them selves prescription  specialists .

Why they started this?

Ther motive is so simple that save records of patients and give them whenever they want ,so doctors are always happy to have online software's like this, so they can easily access the data of patients for accurate examination of patients.As Indians we always not carry our last records when we visit new doctors .

What They Really have?

As you read above they are Prescription Specialist with holding 26 speciality web apps ,created softwares for every field and every type of doctors like for single doctors or hospital or clinics .They having a App which is MclixX for "Patients" where they can see there records .

How They Earn?

There revenue model is so simple and based on Monthly Subscription for all type of doctors, for single doctor they charge 299/mnth ,for hospital 999/mnth,for clinics 499/mnth . some of the investors also interested to invest in Mediclixx.com .the Investment deals are finalizing in next month.


Sachin Anbhule  -CTO (L),Hanuman  Tripathi  Investor (M),Jurnal Singh Bhuttar-CEO(R)

Sachin Anbhule  -CTO (L),Hanuman  Tripathi  Investor (M),Jurnal Singh Bhuttar-CEO(R)

Mediclixx having great future in this area because this is untapped market in healthcare and connection of all healthcare in single platform may change the world because they believe scheduling Appointment is not means you solve the problems in healthcare .

Official Website -Mediclixx.com