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Customer experience in the era of artificial intelligence

Customer experience in the era of artificial intelligence

Thursday February 15, 2018,

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As Artificial Intelligence reaches over a million households through countless chatbots and beautiful digital assistants like Alexa and Siri, we are at the forefront of a historic moment for technological advancement.


Today we can pull together the best hardware, affordable infrastructure and vast amounts of data to fundamentally transform the way we conduct business. Also today - Millennials that are almost living the life of the Jetsons, are driving trends that focus on unique digital experiences and instant delivery of services over multiple channels of communication.

According to the Mobile Messaging Report published by Ubisend,

51% of people expect a business to be available to answer questions 24/7

Just under 46% would rather contact a business through messaging rather than email

Over 49% would rather contact a business through messaging rather than on the phone

This means that:

Consumer preferences have changed, and many have now adopted messaging, text messaging, and phone calls as their preferred methods of communication

Consumers don’t want to be put on hold for hours, therefore messaging is the next best thing

Businesses are attempting to incorporate these easy forms of communication into their marketing strategies

Many organizations are now setting up marketing campaigns enabling them to communicate in real-time with their clientele.

Even though these trends appear to be obvious to most of our readers, many brands insist on using slow, frustrating email or telephonic contact for customer questions and issues. This particularly seems out of place as the customer service industry has vast availability of historical data and this data can serve as the backbone for machine learning powered solutions.

With brand engagement being the buzzword for 2018, AI is predicted to increasingly penetrate the general consumer market and 2018 should see a rising peak in automated brand engagement. Between large technology companies, hyper-focused startups, and massive investment into the space, deep learning and artificial intelligence will certainly become the most important driver for transformation of customer experience and brand engagement in 2018.

Comment below and tell me how you can see AI impact your customer experience in 2018.