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Top ten courses every tech entrepreneur must consider learning

Monday April 17, 2017,

5 min Read

With the start-up culture at its pinnacle now, all you tech entrepreneurs should brace yourselves for the competition out there. To gear up, you must make yourself proficient in technical and communication skills. The more you train, the more you gain advantage! Below is a list of courses that you must put in your ‘Must Learn’ lists. You could go the nearest coaching centre for these or learn online.

1. Mobile App Development: Most start-ups are app-based or at least have an App as an added feature. This requires you to undergo a basic Android training that allows you to explore not only the feasibility of your design and structure of app but also the new features you can bring into your interface. Android is also an open-source than the other App-development tools.

2.MEAN Stack: MEAN Stack is predominantly used in website application development which uses JavaScript based technologies. MEAN is an abbreviation for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js. Node.js lets you build real-time and smooth applications, whereas ExpressJS is built on top of it to create an application framework. MongoDB gives you a great interface for dealing with large amounts of data flow. If all this is jargon, you’d be better off taking AngularJS training.

3.Java: Be it app or web development, Java is your best friend. In both Android as well as MEAN stack, you’d be needing a strong and heavy Java skill. You would also be surprised to know that this language has the power to perform a lot more functions like testing, data collection, automation and what not! Java training would help you with the Web and Mobile app development, and becoming an expert at it would enable you to do lots more.

4.PHP: After you’re done creating those Apps, you need to focus on having a flashy website to capture your audience and clients. As the saying goes, first impression is the best impression and it would be a huge tick off if your website doesn’t do justice. PHP or Hypertext Processor is ubiquitous and it has a lot of useful extensions such as WordPress, Joomla, and others which are great for content management. Once you start your PHP training, you’d discover its many more benefits.

5.R Programming: R is a language that is reputed to have a huge community. Being free and open-source, with the never ceasing libraries it keeps adding to make coding simpler, R stands as one of the top most languages that could replace your MS Excel and do more. Data handling, efficient statistics, customization and power are R’s strong points.

6. Datascience - Hadoop: How data intensive is your tech start-up going to be? If the answer is a mighty big amount, you should consider Hadoop Training and using the environment to handle your data. A very common error while running codes would be your system running out of memory. With Hadoop’s MapReduce, this would hardly be a trouble anymore. Pre-processing and mining of a colossal amount of data is way easier with Hadoop.

7.SAS : When it comes to data analytics, one of the most efficient tool is SAS. As opposed to R, it is a proprietary software. The advantage is that it is extremely good at advanced and predictive analysis and data management. As opposed to R which uses the computer’s resources for analytics, SAS can use its server and this makes it more efficient. Taking a SAS Training can help you with predicting lot of things in your startup using past data.

8.Automation Testing using Selenium: If you think learning a test scripting language for testing as well, know that it is not a must. With Selenium, you can use any of the popular programming languages, say Java, Python or C++. It is open source and browser based which supports browser testing and mobile testing. Selenium has the fame of widely being used by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn hence a Selenium Training can be of great help to automate testing in your startup.

9.Ethical Hacking: Hacking has a bad connotation as it is related to trouble creation, but ethical hacking is used to discover and solve the hypothetical and possible problems. To improve defence, you need to approach with an attacker’s mindset to discover the vulnerabilities in your application. Ethical hacking Course gives you the confidence that your applications can’t go wrong.

10.Spoken English: Apart from all the web and app content that demands a good assertive language, you will constantly have scenarios where you would have to communicate to clients, peers, competitors, employees or any set of audiences. Being an entrepreneur, having a great command over the English language to deliver your thoughts would be appreciated and will lead to no ambiguities. Spoken English classes are prevalent in most places, it would be worth trying out a few.

Being a jack of all trades rather than a master of one distinguishes the tech entrepreneur in you from a specialized worker. After acquiring all these skills, you’d be able to confidently pursue your start-up.