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Groundbreaking advancements in Selenium with the impact on the testing world

Groundbreaking advancements in Selenium with its impact on the software testing world!

Groundbreaking advancements in Selenium with the impact on the testing world

Tuesday April 24, 2018,

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advancements in Selenium
advancements in Selenium

The browser automation testing tool, Selenium was invented a few years back for the sole purpose of browser automation. However, at the present time, it is capable of doing much more than automating the browsers. Though, Selenium only allows you to test a web application. So, it can’t be used to automate or test mobile based or desktop applications. Though, it is extensively used for testing web applications.

Why do we need software testing?

Technology has certainly overpowered manual tasks. Now, we have a software to handle everything from accounts to marketing etc., and every software is developed for a specific purpose. Therefore, every technological tool is supposed to work in a definite manner. But, is it possible to keep an eye on a software? Well, yes, it is. So, software testing basically enables all the software to work exactly the way we want them to work.

The use of any technological tool has to be justified by its performance. Therefore, the functions of the software have to solve the purpose they are being used for. Especially, when we talk about web-based businesses, then the majority of their functionally depends on technology. Hence, software testing is an important part of every business that involves the use of the software.

Why is manual testing the game of old?

Manual testing is the process of testing software by QA testers. All the manual procedures involved in the test use a different data set. And, the final results are recorded and presented. Though, if a company uses a powerful testing tool like Selenium, then the testing tasks are automated and can be performed together for multiple web pages.

The open-source software, Selenium is mostly used for functional testing as well as regression testing.

Listed below are 2 groundbreaking advancements in Selenium:

1. Visual Testing is faster & easier

The new advancements in Selenium have empowered the visual testing space. As we know that earlier, glancing amidst the pages in order to review the changes amid the builds was a tough task to do. But now, the selenium scripts which are already testing your software are being utilized by some new age tools to simplify the process. The use of Selenium eradicates the need of making a separate pass in the software. The new tools take the screenshots of every page to make the visual testing task all the more easier.

So, now without navigating to every page of the software, you can simply relay on the snapshots taken by the latest tools.

2. The stunningly latest version of Selenium

Selenium was invented around 11 years back but with limited capabilities. When we say limited capabilities, it is based on the features offered by the old one. With every update, Selenium is becoming better and better. And, the users take no time in switching over to the new versions. In the latest version of Selenium, Firefox is fully supported (version 47.0.1 or earlier). The grid is being revamped, with some needed fixes. Now, help is provided by almost every grid node. In the latest version, log gathering for the standalone server can be enabled again.

In the latest version, every snapshot which is present already is being matched to the actual website, only when the scripts are run again.

Selenium’s impact on the testing world

Selenium automated testing tool has hugely impacted the software testing space around the world. The tool’s major plus point, with respect to the other software, is that it is an Open Source software. Selenium’s source code can be easily downloaded and modified.

Plus, as the Selenium WebDriver supports a plenty of web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc., therefore, it is given more preferences than other software testing tools.

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The multi-language support, and the fact that Selenium testing leads to rich set of testing functions have together made it a top choice of the software testers. It has streamlined their function, and had made their work more impactful and efficient. Selenium mot only offers smooth functioning but also saves a lot of time of the testers. Earlier when people used to spend hours on testing simple things, now can test multiple things and that too in lesser time.

Hence, Selenium stands tall as the master in Software testing! you can test your knowledge here by SmartBear Software:


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