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    Top 3 Powerful Tools for Entrepreneur

    By Neha Malik|3rd Jul 2018
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    Being an entrepreneur is not just another thing. You are not prepared as one if you are not using the productive tools. We have researched the top tools that make sense for any kind of firm that assists you in spreading the wings across the globe.

    Top 3 Powerful Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

    Top 3 Powerful Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

    The role of an Entrepreneur calls for high skills of juggling and has to don many hats. It demands him to be in the know and on top of everything.

    To be successful in the venture, the entrepreneur needs to respond to emails, coordinate teams, have tabs and controls on the project progress, ensure proper working of websites and various apps being used in the entity.

    Network, internet connectivity too must be monitored and maintained in perfect order.

    We list below the top 3 powerful types of tools which every entrepreneur should use for a podium finish.


    To achieve all this and to deliver success to self and team every entrepreneur has to look for easy, safe and economical tools. Attendance, regularity, the productivity of employees can affect the working of the entity.

     It pays entrepreneurs to have a watch and observation on the attendance and pattern of attendance of employees; their time spent on work; breaks availed etc. This will give them an opportunity to seamlessly access attendance data, grant or reject leave/permission requests, movement of sales and outdoor and field employees’ movements.


    Time Dynamo

    Time Dynamo

    This is a compact attendance management system ideal for any size of the business entity. It empowers businesses with real-time logins and logouts of the staff. Time Dynamo fetches all the data from the biometric attendance system used by the company to track the

    employee’s incoming and outgoing activities

    save the details including- login time, logout time, the working hours, and break time

    late comings, permissions

    Self-alert for late login as a notification.

    This attendance app for employees is ideal for the current day on-the-go entrepreneurship, facilitating data of employees at fingertips. It is handy for management as well as employees to apply and sanction requests for leave and permissions. The managerial cadre, in charge of leave approval, can deal with such requests apart from knowing the leave balance of all reporting staff.

    Time Dynamo is the best-suited leave management app as it facilitates Self-alert for late login as a notification (maximum twice), scheduled leave approval, unscheduled leaves. Compatible across iOS and Android, Time Dynamo is a handy time attendance software to cater to the current context of remote working. The app can be used for multiple locations.

    2) Customer relationship management (CRM) :

    Additionally, client communication management is another major issue demanding the attention of the business owner. Interaction with clients and customers, storage, and generation of documents to needs to be handled scrupulously.

    To ensure a synchronized performance powerful tools and apps become imperative. A relationship management software solution that brings a host of capabilities together is pivotal. You can store all your prospects and customers, make calls, send emails, create reports, schedule appointments, add notes, manage your pipeline, and find out who’s opened your latest email—without stepping out of the CRM system.

    Troop CRM :

    Troop CRM

    Troop CRM

    To manage an organization with all the track records including employees’ information calls for an integrated system. A centralized system which aggregates, correlates and organizes real-time data management will ensure smooth flow of business processes. A system that can track all the essential information and which can fetch data from the periphery and allows data retrieval as and when required is the quintessential tool for entities.

    Troop CRM is an online enterprise CRM software to track each and every activity of employees on board and simultaneously save the official data for future requirements. Troop CRM is an integrated project management tool composed of varied modules and customized to let all the employees access the app as per assigned role and responsibilities and job allocations. It’s

    Troop CRM Features:

    Track official recordsSave official info

    Fetch data from biometric devices

    Real-time data assessment

    Leave and permission module

    Event creation

    Documents storage for backup

    Task creation

    Task allocation

    Employee personal and professional records locker

    Project info record

    Attendance management


    Employee dashboard

    Sales management

    Project management

    Official mail management

    Client deals management

    Bill management

    3) Internal Communication App:

    Apart from collaborating with customers and clients, every entity must have seamless communication within the teams of the company. Safety and privacy of data forms the crux while choosing a viable corporate instant messaging app. It is a sheer waste of time to rely on email protocols for office communication. The time and need for a real-time exchange of information is on us and entrepreneurs cannot neglect this vital aspect in their urge to forge ahead.


    Troop Messenger

    Troop Messenger

    Omni-team communication app is most imperative for any business. Within different teams and groups and that too spread spaces the need to interact on a regular and for of information and data is vital. Troop Messenger (TM ) is a user-friendly business chat app compact with addressing your business needs and necessities. It a seamless collaborative functioning resulting in an efficiency of employees. TM drives down the cost and minimizes and exchange of.

    As a business, no matter your size, no matter the industry, the key is to adopt an agile communication and collaboration system that empowers workforce to operate, create, and innovate with seamless flexibility and total mobility. And, TM is the answer with definitive functions and highest security and privacy of data -making it the leading business messenger for corporates and governments alike.

    TM comes embedded with features such as:

    Individual chat: With Instant messaging for business, conversations are now a cakewalk anytime and on any platform.

    Group chat: Share data and communicate with groups and teams for hassle-free project completion

    Multimedia sharing: Share audio, video, images and still images were taken with your phone camera for direct sharing

    File sharing: Share files with ease.

    Data sharing with external apps: Share attachments with third-party chat apps available in your phone like WhatsApp, Gmail, and many more

    Location and contact sharing: Share your current location with team and colleagues and directly make a call to catch up with your colleagues

    Forward message: Skip copy and paste. Just forward it with one click to the group, individuals or multiple contacts

    Attachment preview and download: Check files without downloading and download it with a single tap to save to local device

    Group creation: Catch up team activities in the group, and make communication easier than ever before for business performance

    Direct link opening: Why to copy a link? Just click it and be redirected

    Inbuilt app security: Be secured with multiple inbuilt app security options. Choose which suits you best!

    User Profile: Be professional and recognized by others with a catchy business profile

    Pin chat: Avoid multiple scrolling, just pin your favorite or frequent contacts at the top of chat list.

    Data backup: Automatic restoration of data on reinstalling Troop Messenger.

    Notification: Be attentive, be notified to act in real-time.

    Server-side encryption: Fully own your data. Be assured of your business info is safe and secure in your own hands.

    Go ahead and have a go at these three dynamic and multi-functional apps for a great collaboration experience.