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Difference between managed and unmanaged hosting? How can one manage unmanaged VPS?

Difference between managed and unmanaged hosting? How can one manage unmanaged VPS?

Tuesday August 13, 2019,

3 min Read

There are some technical differences that which represent the managed and unmanaged hosting. On th hole word we came to know, Unmanaged hosting in the name you can see that Unmanaged host which represent a process without other often support. In unmanaged hosting the Server, technical team will not take over all the issues that has been raised on manually. Only the Physical term error will  be worked out from them

On the other hand in managed hosting the server will be totally taken over by server provider team, Say for example if you have a software that is in the update state and at that the managed host will automatically update it, that which the server support taken all the activities in action of them. Even the performance maintenance, installation of operating system with its secured patches has been noted.

On Comparing with Managed hosting with unmanaged hosting, the Managed hosting will be the best, because for business update then to get more traffic and sortout the issues immediately and  for that we need a third party person for resolving issues, and so our work efficiency will be reduced.

Most common factor that both managed hosting and  unmanaged hosting has been on Dedicated and VPS hosting.

Performance and Scalability - In this the server speed and durability of the site will be taken in action. When the server reflection taken in action on factor.

Unlimited MySQL database - to access the admin panel continuities

Uptime - It represent the The loading speed of the website and admin panel. Also this Uptime has a range of 99%uptime.

Root access allowed - There will be a process of software update done manually

Free SSl - In managed hosting there will  be a free SSl and also Free SSD protect on the server.

Unlimited Bandwidth - These Unlimited bandwidth will make the site changes to a new speed layer, also 

  • Versatile offerings using different server options
  • Flexible pricing based on your needs
  • Popular web hosting platforms preinstalled
  • Custom control panel application

When analyzing the both hosting from user experience and also on Customer review it is best to use managed hosting. This managed host will help to reduce our website issues on both admin and also server side.

  • Automatically scale resources
  • Seven backups at all times
  • Includes cPanel
  • One-click installers

Single Control panel

with control panel all the data will stored in one singel control panel, These data will be stored in a stored processed way and this helps the client to have a unmanaged VPS server.

Weekly backup

We can have a complete backup but in unmanaged hosting we need to have a manual backup that which helps to have a complete set.

Most important feature that Every Plan must have

  • 24/7/365 support
  •  Tier 3 Datacenter
  •  Self Restore
  •  Easy Upgrade
  •  KVM Powered
  •  uptime 99.9 with SLA
  •  Web management: boot/reboot/power off
  •  Reload VPS
  •  Built in multiple templates (200+)
  •  Pack to templates

Best way that one can manage the unmanaged Vps is the source that uses the web hosting provider to undertaken all the details by customer. By using SSH, FTP, SSl install, web control panel, web file manager and so on using this the unmanaged hosting can get controlled.