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Adapt Now! 5 Digital Marketing Techniques To Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Digital Marketing Techniques for Businesses to Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic

Adapt Now! 5 Digital Marketing Techniques To Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic

Friday June 19, 2020,

6 min Read

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we search, use social media, and entertain ourselves. We all are probably waiting to watch the next Instagram live of our favorite influencer. 

It has also changed the way businesses are looking at digital marketing techniques now. 

McKinsey recently sighted a European survey where 70 percent of executives said the pandemic is likely to accelerate the pace of their digital transformation. The article pointed out how Asian banks have swiftly migrated physical channels online. It also mentioned how healthcare is now tele healthcare and retailers have now switched to contactless shopping and delivery. 

Now is the right time to reassess your digital marketing techniques that can make a difference for your brand. 

With the ‘new normal’ here, smart businessmen will make sure they change their digital marketing techniques to survive the pandemic. Those who are resilient are making their brand shine even in this situation. 

I am sure you are one of them and that is why you are looking for new ways to do the same.

Let’s begin!  

Here Are 5 Digital Marketing Techniques To Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic

1.  Track Your Current Marketing Data 

If you haven’t for the longest, now is the time to track your marketing data, analyze it, and understand the gaps. 

It’s important now more than ever to analyze what works for your business and what doesn’t. Some people had to go big on discounts and offers. If not discounts, they had their website copy changed according to the current times. Some bloggers and news websites have also made people pay for their newsletter to be able to check updates on coronavirus. Different businesses have different approaches to sustain their business. 

So, if your previous techniques are not working well for you it’s okay to stop them for a while and make changes accordingly. Set new goals for each campaign and decide the metric to measure it.

2. Use This Time to Plan Your Future Digital Marketing Techniques

The lockdown had made us all stay at home. But it also has given us time to reflect. It’s no secret that most of the successful start-ups emerged and were built in the worst of times. 

Use the time on your hands and put a conscious effort to plan for your digital marketing strategies. You never know if you will get this time back. 

We all sometime in the past have complained about not having enough time to check on our SEO or our website metrics. But now we have enough time to not only plan campaigns but also create more content in various formats. 

3. Change Your Offers and Discounts to The Current Times

I love this part where businesses adjust their discounts and offers according to the current times. Neil Patel has offered more data on Ubersuggest for free. Teamwork has tailored a new offer that goes like - ‘Save 40% with the Teamwork One bundle - five great products, one monthly price’. KFC has introduced so many offers according to these times -- one of them being ‘free delivery on every order’. 

Search trends suggest that people are searching for ‘cheap flights right now’ and the interest has grown by 90% in the past few days. This shows that people, even if they are not able to travel right now, they’ll want to in the future. So travel agencies should adjust marketing techniques accordingly.

All of it comes down to having a strategy that focuses on the long-term. Successful marketers will move quickly. There is very little point in continuing your marketing with offers and discounts that won’t make sense now. 

4. Work Towards Your Site’s SEO 

Digital presence matters. For a long time now people have been focusing on their site’s SEO. Organic traffic is for sure one of the best ways to get business. It ensures that you get business when people are looking for services and products that you provide.  

Yet some people are committing mistakes and end up losing the website traffic that was meant for them. 

You will be able to hit right in the nail if you optimize your site and you outrank your competition. 

The best way is to follow the principles. As soon as Google or any other search engines update their algorithms, you need to ensure that your site is changing practices according to the trends. 

Your website copy should be changed and optimized for SEO too. Not to forget that developers will have to ensure that your site operates in a way that search engine algorithms can easily understand it. 

So with your website not appearing on the first page of search engine results, it is pretty much dead for the search engine and your target audience too. 

The aim right now should be that your posts come up near the top search results. So search for keywords that are critical to your industry.  

At the moment all your competitors are busy trying to keep up with the trends and improve their website’s quality and so should you. 

5. Earn Goodwill While You Can

Word of mouth is considered one of the best forms of marketing. However, nobody sees the work that goes behind reaching that level where people have only good things to say about your brand. 

These trying times have brought a lot of anxiety and sadness in many lives. How wonderful would that be if you can become someone’s hope? People will always remember the good deeds that your business invests time in. 

Tim Cook said Apple has donated 30 million face masks and shipped 2 million of its own face shields. The world now needs masks more than they need gadgets. 

If you can help people through this time, do so. And don’t forget to spread the news on your social media handles. It’s not wrong to show how you are contributing to the good of society. If anything, it will only encourage more businesses to do the same, and people will appreciate you. 

To conclude, 

It’s high time we all consider new layers to digital marketing techniques. In case you are still thinking about it, remember that online marketing is not only one of the most measurable types of marketing, but also doesn’t require any face-to-face interaction.