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Digital Transformation and Mobile Apps- How Workplaces are Changing

Digital Transformation and Mobile Apps- How Workplaces are Changing

Tuesday June 25, 2019,

7 min Read

Digital Transformation and Mobile Apps- How Workplaces are Changing

Mobility is getting mainstreamed swiftly across various industry sectors. Increasing penetration of mobile apps into the business system has started giving benefits to entrepreneurs. SMEs and large companies want to integrate mobile apps into their workplaces to meet various objectives and stay ahead of the curve in the growing competition.

Let’s go through the ways through which mobile apps can revolutionize the workplace. But before that, here we list a few noteworthy business benefits of custom mobile app development solution.

Key Business Benefits of Mobile App Development

A Smaato report has revealed that out of every 8 minutes, smartphone users spend at least 7 minutes in mobile apps. Customized apps can act as a bridge between your company and consumers by providing 24/7 access. Here are a few of the most apparent benefits of implementing mobility at the workplace.

  • Improved Productivity

Feature-rich mobile apps can increase the efficiency of employees. With better collaboration and real-time communication, employees can give their best to the company, and as a result, productivity is increased significantly. We can also consider the automation of some processes as another crucial factor in increasing productivity. All teams can work in sync irrespective of time and distance with the help of a mobile app.  

  • Increased Output

When it comes to output, the efforts of dedicated employees and process automation are two highly important factors. The mobile app development company can integrate advanced features to bring automation and simplify complex business processes. It simply enhances the efficiency and dedication of the employees to increase the production output. What’s more, a business app can also provide the advantage of analytics to enable the management to make informed decisions. As a result, the company can increase output with a focused approach.

  • Better Workflow Management

A mobile app remains a handy tool to manage workflow. With better collaboration and real-time communication, employees can readily contact with each other irrespective of geographical distance. It is possible to assign tasks instantly to the remote workforce through an app. Such workflow management can help your company utilize the available resources in the best possible way.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

Mobile app development services can help you arrange virtual conferences, webinars, and training sessions through VR-based features. An enterprise-grade app with such features facilitates better collaboration among employees and between the management and employees. It is easy to spread awareness or give proper training in an interactive way to the workforce through an app.

  • Excellent Alignment

An app can readily bridge the gap between remote and on-site teams. For example, in a real estate sector, the on-site team of engineers and workers need proper instruction on a daily or weekly basis. Now, the headquarter of the real estate company may be in the same city or in a different city. There, a customized real estate mobile app can assist the company management to guide the on-site team and allot them a work schedule. Such proper alignment results in on-time completion of projects.

  • Reduced Stress at Workplace

Well, this is another unique and interesting use of a mobile app. Gamification and other interactive features can relieve the work stress of employees. With the integration of emerging technologies like VR, AR, and AI, the business app can be more engaging and interesting for the employees. In other words, technology has offered a business app a great potential to add a ‘fun factor’ in the workplace.

How Custom Mobile App Development Solution Transforms Workplace

Feature-rich apps can simplify complex operations and bring automation in the workplace. What’s more, the mobility concept can readily manage operations across various departments including HR, Accounts, Delivery, Sales, and Inventory. Your company can use the app as a powerful yet cost-effective marketing tool.

Here are the ways through which enterprise apps transforming modern industries digitally.

Management of IoT Network

IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most popular technologies in the corporate world. Manufacturing, retail, utility, and other sectors have implemented an IoT network in recent years globally. Many companies are in the process of integrating IoT network as well.

The custom mobile app development solution can facilitate entrepreneurs and the company management to control the IoT network on fingertips. Also, the mobile app is flexible and scalable enough to add or remove IoT devices as per changing business requirements. In a way, effective management of the company’s IoT network is possible through a business mobile app.

Arranging Virtual Meetings

The capability of arranging virtual meetings is an advanced-level of real-time communication. Here the meetings can be organized in a way that employees can discuss on various aspects like they do in a conference room for real and come to the conclusion. Such meetings have no boundaries of time and place. Even the employee who is at a remote location or at home can also join in the conference and play their role in deciding various policies.

Apart from meetings, it is also possible to arrange training sessions for new employees or freshers with the help of mobile apps.

Increasing Accessibility

Stakeholders, management, employees, and CEOs can readily stay connected on a 24/7 basis through an app. Whether Android or iPhone app development, all you get is higher accessibility of critical company data and improved storage of necessary information. The app can be integrated with the Cloud technology to store and access the data as and when necessary. If your employees need to fetch important data to show your customers, they can easily do so through an app. It can increase the customer’s trust in your company.

Integrating Futuristic Technology

You can hire mobile app developers with the necessary skills to integrate futuristic technologies like AI, AR, and Blockchain. For example, if you run a retail business. With the help of Blockchain technology, you can provide your customers with a highly secure and rapid online payment facility. AI can help you improve customer services on the basis of various inputs regarding customer behavior and trends.

However, such integration can significantly increase the mobile app development cost, but in the long run, you can certainly get a high ROI (Return On Investment) from an advanced and future-ready app.

Build and Enhance Brand Reputation

It is fair to mention that an enterprise mobile app acts as an online business representative for your company. You can readily run a promotional campaign and send personalized notifications to the app users through it. Do you know that running a loyalty program and a marketing campaign on business apps are easier and more cost-effective as compared to physical means?

Also, you can get useful information about the user’s behavior and searching or purchasing pattern across different regions with the help of a mobile app. Ultimately, you can spread awareness about your brands and enhance brand reputation. What all you get is a rise in sales number and a loyal customer base.

These days, mobile apps play a vital role in making your business more customer-centric along with making the workplace more interesting. Apart from fostering communication between employees, apps can break the barrier of geographical borders and enhance the coordination between the management and employees.

Concluding Lines

With over eight years of experience in developing feature-rich enterprise app solutions, we have delivered highly customized apps to the global clientele. Our experienced app developers can creatively integrate advancements of futuristic technologies like AR, VR, IoT, and Blockchain to come up with the next-gen business apps.