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What is a domain name? What are the types of domains?

To identify your website or blog in the Internet, you should have a name that we call domain name (domain name). This domain name identifies your website in the same way that people know you by your name, in the same way in the Internet.

What is a domain name? What are the types of domains?

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

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When you think of building your website on a platform like WordPress (Blogger), the first thing to remember is what its Domain Name will be, don't you know what the Domain Name is. Now know what is a domain and how many types are there, so let us know what is a domain - What Is Domain Name in Hindi

A domain is the name of your website like www.firevista.com This is the name of our website but the story does not end here, the domain starts from the system. It is called DNS (DNS) of DNS. That means DNS in the Domain Name System short, it is the main address or web address of your site, like firevista's web address, www.firevista.com it has "firevista.com" domain name.

Is the domain necessary or can it work even without it, yes, initially there were IP addresses rather than Web addresses, the full name of the IP address (Internet Protocol Address), the IP address in today's time Without an IP address, the computer cannot be connected to the Internet or any network.

What is an internet protocol or IP address

Similarly, every website has an IP address, so that it can be identified on the Internet, it is exactly like the zip code of your city, but will you be able to remember the names of the 20 cities better or their pincode exactly you will be able to remember the name much better

The same problem was in remembering the IP address of a website, for example you can remember Google.in Web Address more easily but if you are asked that you remember Google.in IP address. Keep i.e., then there will be very few people who would like to remember instead of Google.in.

How Domain Name System (DNS) works

The domain name system consists of the Domain Name System. The domain you type is converted to an IP address. It instructs your name server to search for this IP and get it to you if you talk. Name server is the official name server of the domain on the Internet and you will get the information of this name server from the same website from which you register your domain. Then you take a domain from Bluehost which is the responsibility of Bluehost's name server to take the user to your site.

Domain Name Parts -

For example, we take firevista -


Here you first see https. Actually https is an internet protocol, some rules have been made on the internet for every website URL. These rules are called internet protocols and every URL follows these rules. There are two types - first http and another is https http's full form Hypertext Transfer Protocol whereas https's full form Hypertext Transfer Protocol is secure if a site shows a green bar with the symbol "https" and locks. Land. This means that the site meets the SSL standard and is secure.

After this you will see here www its full form is World Wide Web This is the subdomain of this URL. After this, the name of firevista.com is the domain name, it also has two parts, the first name i.e. firevista and the second .com i.e. Extension. They both form a domain name. If the name is registered, no other domain name can be registered with that name. For example, another domain name cannot be registered in the name of example.com, but you can use another Exten. Can register domain name with sion like example.in or example.co.in

Types of Domain Extension

Domain Extension shows the category of the site. You can name the site anything, but the category is determined. For example, .com .org .gov are some of the most popular Domain Extension.

There are two types of extensions -



1- Top level domains

Top level domains are one of the most commonly used domain names. Apart from Google, search engines also give preference to top level domains. Some of the major top level domains are as follows -

For a .com commercial website

For .org organization websites

For .edu educational website and

.gov used for government website

2- Country Code Top Level Domains

Country code top level domain is different for every country and on seeing this you can tell which country the website domain name is from -

.in India Dot In

Country code top level domains available for .us United States