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An Entrepreneur’s life begins at 60!

my startup was my retirement plan....

Friday July 15, 2016,

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The one thing that most entrepreneurs have in common is that they have age on their side, and the younger the entrepreneur the bigger is his story. But my startup story starts on the other side of 60-years - at the age when most of my peers were giving up their active work lives….i was reborn as an entrepreneur. I am Lalit Mohan Mathur, MD & Founder of Wipe Hotwire India Thermal Equipment (WHITE), an export-oriented, manufacturing unit based at Neemrana (Rajasthan). An electronics engineer by training, I gained 35 years of invaluable experience at Tata Power and UP Electronics Corporation, before retiring in the year 2005. But the best was yet to come…I had a strong desire to start something of my own, to provide employment and to give back to the society. And that led to the foundation of WHITE, despite all the odds. I was lucky to find the partners who trusted my experience and shared my passion. My life’s savings and my partner’s contribution made up for the seed capital because all banks thought it was risky business to give out a loan to a 60-year old entrepreneur! We set up WHITE in 2006 for manufacturing high quality Teflon-coated cables used primarily for comfort heating applications. Today, we export to New Zealand, Australia, UK, Hong Kong and Europe. Two factories, a 100-people strong workforce, international collaborations and an impressive list of clients…..what started as a mere twinkle in the eye is today bigger than I ever imagined. And I contented that this is a dream well lived.