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Top 10 design trends for e-commerce website development

Nowadays we can see a lot of e-commerce websites online and why not it's the era of digitization and booming startup culture. And you might be one of them who want to develop a website for your business. But have you considered that what your e-commerce website look like? What design trends will you include on your e-commerce website?

Top 10 design trends for e-commerce website development

Saturday February 17, 2018,

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E-commerce industry is very competitive and development of the website for it is as challenging. There are always new ideas and trends that keep coming up and it's very important to remain updated. All leading e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon focus highly on the website design as they provide a good shopping experience to their customers, in layman terms, your website design is the key to attract the customers.


Here are top 10 design trends for your e-commerce website development

1. Use of bright colors

Selection of right color is one of the most important decisions that you need to make as researchers have found that the colors can appeal to people's emotions and can also affect the purchasing decision. Thus, one should analyze the traffic they get on their website and design according to the demographics. According to Pantone a US corporation have declared "Greenery" to be the trendsetter for e-commerce websites in 2018. Also according to Google use of bright colors in websites will be quite frequent in the coming year.

2. Mobile responsive design approach

Increasing usage of smartphones and penetration of telecommunication networks to remote places has made people depend on their mobiles in such a way that it has become a necessity rather than a need. And thus according to web developers, one should make his e-commerce website mobile friendly first and then think to make it compatible with other devices. Also, according to the reports by Google, the number of online transactions via mobile has increased tremendously since 2015 and thus 2018 may be the year when other devices may take a back seat and mobiles may rule.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are the programs that can talk with people through textual methods. But how it is important for an e-commerce website design? The answer is increased online shopping due to which the number of players in the e-commerce industry has also increased and as the competition rises, only way to be at the top would be providing a customised shopping experience to your customers which will be made possible through chatbots which will talk to customers on your behalf and provide the appropriate service or product using artificial intelligence.

4. Cinemagraph

They are the still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs and in more popular terms they are the GIFs. The increasing craze of GIFs whether to comment on Facebook or on WhatsApp has tipped the web developers to include Cinemagraph on their websites as well. The point being that usage of Cinemagraph make the website look more appealing and user-friendly.

5. Material design

It is a design language developed in 2014 by Google. Actually using this one can give shadow and depth effects to its website which in return gives a feeling to the reader that they are experiencing something that they can touch and hence generate more trust among the users. Apart from these, its ability to make use of vibrant colors, responsive animations make it a must use design approach for the web developers in 2018.

6. Long scrolls

You might not recognize it by the word but if I ask you that whether you have observed the automatic loading of more products when you reach at the end of the page while shopping at Amazon or Jabong and you might quickly answer "YES". It is long scroll and it is expected to be present in every e-commerce website in 2018 as it gives a customer a good shopping experience by reducing number of button clicks to go on next page and also the time to load the new page. So if you want customers to come and shop at your website, don't forget to use this design feature.

7. Hamburger Menu

It is the three-lined icon which when clicked upon opens up a drop-down menu allowing a user to take preferred action based on his priority. It was invented by Norm Cox. With increased usage of mobiles, this feature has become very handy for web developers to design a web page with minimum options but maximum information. Also, make sure to include it on the left side of your page as our human mind is trained to go through at any material from left to right.

8. Hand-drawn elements

Stock images or the images already present on the internet have been the web developer's choice till now but in 2018 we can expect hand drawn drawings to play the favorites. The advantage while using these is it conveys a feeling of originality and creativity in user's mind which might help you attract more customers.

9. Background videos

With the increasing popularity of YouTube, one can easily understand that information in video format can be more interesting than information in text format. And thus web developers have started using big background videos on their web pages to make it more consumer friendly and attractive for the users.

10. Card and card like layouts

Card like layouts can be defined as the square-shaped image including product information or category or images which tell you about the product in fewer words. Now, this type of design can be very user-friendly as it reduces the time customer has to spend on understanding the product by reading and instead makes your site eye-pleasing and easy to use.

Everyone wants more and more traffic on their websites with minimum bounce rate for better business, therefore, designers should design the website according to above design trends which would enhance the customer shopping experience.

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