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Thinking of starting a wedding planning business? 10 things to keep in mind

 Keep these things in mind and start your successful Wedding Planning Business!

Wednesday October 10, 2018,

6 min Read

Wedding Planning is an exciting field and if you are someone who has a romance for the beauty of weddings, then you can certainly start a wedding planning business.



Being a wedding planner, you draw to your door can brides and grooms to help them make their nuptials unforgettable and special. However for brides and grooms to come to you, your business should be popular and reputable as well.

Find below 10 important aspects that you should look to keep in mind while starting a wedding planning business and for making it successful.

Luckily starting a wedding planning business is not much expensive and you can start operations with a small office without making a huge investment.

And so it gets important that you keep your start-up cost low. Make sure you are not purchasing a huge office space and try managing resources that are enough for the business to start its operations initially.

Expenditure should be incurred in making the wedding planning business popular and thus you can have impressive and high-quality business cards as well as proper online presence. Additionally, it is important that you get your business incorporated to give a sense of reliability to your business among your customers.

While starting a wedding planning business or any business for that matter does not require much effort, it is the task of promotion that requires brainstorming and expenditure. So before you start spending hugely on promoting your wedding planning business, you must look to explore and exploit free or inexpensive marketing tools such as an internet.

Brides and grooms often search online and print media to get aware about best and cheap wedding planner, so it is important for you to have an ideal online presence through your business website.

Before you start building your wedding planning business, it is in your best interest that you decide about your market. Decide as to which type of weddings and events you would want to plan, strategize your expertise and key areas of responsibilities.


You would provide theme based wedding event planning or your expertise would revolve around organizing budget-friendly wedding receptions should also be decided about you.

Recognizing the expertise of the business and focusing on rendering personalized and reliable wedding organizing service is essential and you should, therefore, be focused on the job at hand. The best advice is to start the business with a niche and expand it further into different domains along with time coupled with the right expertise.

To make your wedding planning business a success, you should understand your completion first. It is said that competitors understand your business best and therefore you should understand them as well. So when doing market research it is vital that you get aware of your competitors, their expertise, services, and rates in comparison to your business.

Once you have done your market research, you have the opportunity to further explain your market advantage by rendering better wedding planning services at competitive rates.

Make sure you indulge in healthy competition by focusing on your business expertise and capabilities and by providing best in class wedding planning services.

Starting a wedding planning business and making it successful are two different things. There without a boss, you’ll need to set your own goals, to keep your business on track. The idea is to visualize the future and keep realistic hopes for the business in the short run.

Set for your business small goals and work towards it to keep the business running.

The thing about wedding planning business is that no one is going to hire you until they have seen your work or expertise. Thus the best way to sell your wedding planning services other than your mouth is by creating an exclusive and glamorous portfolio. Here are certain ways to create an interesting and exciting portfolio-

• Samples of weddings or events that you have created.

• Testimonials of customers and pictures of events managed by your firm.

• A list of your certifications or professional memberships.

• Post a photoshoot of mock wedding reflecting your decoration ideas, theme, cake as well as entertainment ideas. Showcase through the photoshoot your capabilities so that visitors or prospective customers seeing your portfolio get highly impresses and hire your services instantly.

For any business irrespective of the domain, it gets crucial for it to obtain certain certifications encompassing registration, quality, and certificate of excellence. All the more certifications from recognized bodies instill in customers a feeling of reliability for the business.

To give wedding planning business a professional appeal, you can employ individuals having degrees hospitality of event planning. All this can give your business a professional feel and would make customers more attracted towards your services of wedding planning.

Although you have just started your Wedding Planning Business, you cannot let your customers know that you are inexperienced. Potential clients may not want to work with a service provider that has just started and they may consider hiring the services of an experienced agency. Thus you should make it a rule of thumb to not let your inexperience hinder your business and its growth.

You may not be experienced, but you cannot tell the same to your client. Rather while dealing with prospective customers you can be creative with your answer when asked about your experience pertaining managing a wedding or event planning.

Your answer should focus on your strengths and your key skills and how you can make the wedding event special and happening. Make sure to highlight your achievements however little they are and your success stories through client’s testimonials to motivate prospective customer.

Wedding planning business is one field where the success of the business and its popularity depends a lot on recommendations. Thus if you manage to arrange and manage few weddings in a perfect manner, your clients are bound to recommend your name to their friends and relatives.

So to make your business successful through recommendations, you should strive dedicatedly to not only deliver wedding planning service rather you should create experiences.

The idea is to approach each wedding as yours and make arrangements with respect to decoration, catering, and entertainment as special as it can be. Your agency should operate with a motive to make every wedding celebration memorable for bride and groom and for each family member as well.

Conclusion –

Wedding planning like every other business requires time and effort to make it successful and therefore it is vital that proper planning is done in advance to make the business popular and acceptable. 

Article Source- Shaadi Dukaan