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Increasing employee productivity and morale with Acebot

Thursday September 29, 2016,

2 min Read

Slack has found widespread popularity around the world. Organizations like NASA have started to use it. The popularity of slack is due to its ease of use and myriad features. the best thing about Slack is that whether it is a large corporation or a small startup, Slack is equally effective for both. Further enhancing the functionality of Slack are the Slack bots that are commonly available. There are quite a few slack bots out there that automate many of the processes that were cumbersome earlier. Ace Bot  is a bot that can make many of the processes like expense tracking more intuitive and user friendly. By learning just a few commands it is possible to do quite a few things with Ace.

A problem that many companies face is complex expense tracking. Ace bot solves this problem by providing a pain free expense management experience. At the end of the month all expenses can even be downloaded in CSV format. Experience freedom from cumbersome spreadsheets that employees hate updating.

Task management becomes infinitely simpler with Acebot's reminder system. Just type in the thing you want to be reminded of and Ace will automatically remind you.

The Acebot has several features that users can pick up. It has advanced features for power users as well. Often, it is important to get realtime feedback from employees. Ace bot's polls feature lets you get that feedback very easily. Whether it is a startup or a traditional organization, realtime feedback is very necessary as it has a direct correlation to business decisions and even employee morale. Instant polls and other tools allow employees and managers to react quickly to every emerging situation. Add Ace bot to Slack now to experience a boost in productivity.