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Unemployment of Indian Engineering graduates : ' A major concern '

We  always hear about the studies and reports about this issue. Now, the time has come  to think and have an action over this.

Unemployment of Indian Engineering graduates : ' A major concern '

Monday November 06, 2017,

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Image courtsey(gettyimages)

Image courtsey(gettyimages)

What is the Issue? 

                       Every year nearly 16 lakh students graduate from 10396 engineering institute of India. And how many of them get employed? A survey conducted by some agencies says that out of them only 17% are employable. We don't know that all that 17% get employed or not. This brings us to a very important question what is the future of 14 lakh graduates?

                      Well, then the reality is only 396 institutes are delivering quality education. Those institutes which offer good facilities to students and placement to them. We know the numbers are very big, no of colleges and students. Companies needed skilled persons and to be honest we are not skilled.

Current scene:

                  Every Indian student or his parents after passing HSC education they have only two options in there mind Engineering or medical. As medical fees are very high then they go for engineering. Every engineering colleges have a tuition fee around 1 lakh annually. If you get reputed college then you somehow able to withstand in this competitive world. No doubt premier institutes like IIT's , NIT's and other providing good technical knowledge and placements to students.

                 The situation is becoming worse. Let me tell you one funny saying talked about Pune.

"In Pune, if you throw a stone on a crowd then it will definitely hit to one of the engineer"



                  Every year graduate mob is coming to metro-cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Banglore in search of a job opportunity. They get satisfied on the jobs like a call center, sales, receptionist. What they have learned and what they are doing? They are lagging in skills. Yes, I agree but the institutes from they graduated are they providing sufficient technical knowledge or resources? No. Every year engineers are produced who are very good in doing assignments and copying.

             There is a recession for every engineering stream in every year. From 2013 it started from Mechanical and automobile. Now IT is in a good position but after 2-3 years they will face the same situation. So, you will get a question in your mind should we stop studying engineering? My answer is no. If you have the passion you have the skills then no one can stop you.

Actions needed:

            Almost all of us have seen movies like 3-idiots, Taare Zameen par, MS- Dhoni The untold story. The message from all these stories is that don't copy others dream. Live your own. You just need to face people for doing passionate things. Those who are good at other things due to family pressure end up in taking engineering admission. The basic cause of this problem is our educational systems and parent's mindset. We have to change them both.

"The deeper we think we will end up in the blame game. We just have to think over the problem. If every year this huge amount of youth remain unemployed then the future of our country is in danger."

          Altogether efforts we have to take. We have to guide our juniors that this is the right way of education. We can't ignore this problem nor the causes. Right actions at right time can lead to saving of human power.