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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

How I quit my 9-6 job to become a digital marketing strategist

The hard step of quitting job and to pursue my dreams.

How I quit my 9-6 job to become a digital marketing strategist

Wednesday June 21, 2017,

7 min Read

I am Soubhagya Sahoo having more than 7 years of working experience in Software industry and has worked with 2 MNC. During my IT career, I had received best Technical awards and many more Client appreciation Awards in his very early journey of his IT career. Also became the Technical Lead of our project and went USA to handle the project from Onsite when I was just having 3 yrs of experience.

I was at my best in my career,But things was about to change ………..

My Story – The Real Me

Hi Its real me Soubhagya, the above intro you just read was just a summary of what I have done on paper or academics, But I would really like to share, who am I really.

I was born in a small town of Odisha(India). From Childhood, I was a quick learner and sports maniac. I use to give my full attention to any specific thing I do. As I grew up, I started learning the important lessons of life which came up with different situations and experiences. My Dad used to say whatever situation you are in life – remember Son tats Its gonna change ! Oh Yeah, Time is everything. Starting from overcoming Bullying in my School to major failures in my academics and life, I learnt that life is not easy and everybody have a different set of questions in their syllabus called Life.

During my School Days, my bonding with computers started. I loved computer so much that I didn’t choose Biology in my 11th Standard (Back in India its considered insane if you choose Science and didn’t took Biology as I would not be able to give Medical Entrance Exams) rather took IP(Information Practises). 2 years later, I got a seat in reputed engineering college in Computer Science. I was so happy that yes my dream came true – The love for Internet world, websites, forms, graphics etc. started rolling all over my head. I was getting ready to learn all these now and start implementing after my degree in my dream Job.

But I never knew that the degree which I am doing will land me in a JOB where I will have to work my A#$ Off from morning 10 till night or even nights to deliver Client projects which was far far away from the dream I saw while joining my engineering. Still I kept working just to keep my parents and relatives and most importantly our Society happy that YES am in a stable job and am getting payed in a 6 figure. This had became my identity.

During my 7 years of work, I got promotions because of my good work and was sent USA to handle Clients in just 3 years of my career, also made project lead and many more appreciation and awards. But even after all these, something was missing. I didn’t know why I was not happy? During those 7 years, I even got many health problems, went through acute depressions and major relationship problems with my family, partner and friends. It took me years to figure it out why? But deep down inside me I always knew the reason, that this is what I was not made for. As said by my mentor(hes not my mentor but I follow him truly), my virtual brother Sandeep Maheshwary, that we must know 1st what not to do, then only we will find the aim of our life which will lead to path which we love to do in life, though success in not in our hand.

I was standing on a edge of life and had no idea what to do?

But things slowly changed, I was a born fighter and I remembered How I overcame bullying in school? How I cracked my JEE to get into best college of Odisha? How I was leading my area team in Cricket matches? How I managed a team of 30? Yes, I got the answer, I did all those because I believed in me. I was honest to my work. I always tried to learn and implement. But somewhere in the journey of so called Job-Life I had become Robot. I had forgotten myself in the race to prove ourselves.

Finally In Feb 2016, I decided to change my life and to do something I really love to do. I knew its now or NEVER.

“I Quit my job“, Yes I did. But even after that I wasn’t sure what I am passionate of and what is my real passion. I love doing photography, I play cricket, I love exploring internet, I developed websites and many more. But I didnt had clear vision about what to do? 🙁

Turning Point of My Life

Even after pursuing my interests, nothing was moving ahead or giving me real satisfaction.

I did photography but I was not making money, I din’t knew how to get clients?

I was developing websites traditionally, but it was way too slow progress as learning PHP/Javascript/HTML was a big pain and technology is growing way faster.

I wanted to explore my leadership quality but was not getting any platform.

I slowly started to loose hope. I wanted to do something of my own after quitting my job, but all the above stuffs started a feel of nervousness in me. People started giving their expert advises like Business/Entrepreneurship is very difficult and is not made for me. I should not have quit my safe job and many more ……..

I just shut down myself behind the doors and took deep breath and then started analysing what is the biggest problem in Entrepreneurship. Why am I not getting desired results. What is the main reason my photography is not getting attention from people? Why? Why? Why?

After quite a lot time and while looking for answers within me and Online, Finally got my answer – Yes its MARKETING. I understood how good you are at your work, how good your product is, but without right promotion one cannot achieve results.

I kept my research ON. The major hurdles was how to make people aware of my skills. How to promote my photography? How to bring traffic to my website and Facebook page. How to generate Leads? How to turn visitors to Client? How to connect with them? How cost effective my promotion can be?

The answer was loud and clear. Its the new generation marketing – “DIGITAL MARKETING”.

Then guess what, there is no stopping me now. I am now successfully leading my photography business and also earning out of it handsomely. I also helped my friend to grow her Mehndi Business and has also started counselling/consulting small scale business who wanted to expand online. The happiness I get assisting small business to on board into the new world on Marketing using Internet is just non-explainable. 🙂

This was me – Soubhagya. I then started my online consulting venture and since then am helping business and people learn Digital Marketing.

I help others to drive Traffic to their websites and turn them to potential buyers and eventually returning customers. We try to provide you all the requisite information anyone needs in order to implement Online Marketing for their venture. Whether its a eCommerce website /or a blogging website, The REAL question is — how do you get more traffic?

With my knowledge and extensive research, I have tried to place all “Practical Information” at one single place which will help you generate more traffic to your websites and eventually grow sales through various proven funnelling strategies. ” I believe in providing Practical implementation over boring theoretical concepts. “

I know I have very little experience in the field of Digital Marketing, but I just wanted to say one thing that – with the quick learner & never die attitude, I have acquired the vast knowledge in only 1 year. No of years are just numbers, I spend quality time in my knowledge nurturing which keeps me distinct from others Digital Marketers.

“Its my Passion, I love doing this, and this is my life NOW”

I hope my story inspired you and ignited the spark to do something in life you always wished to? Just take a decision and start now. 

Best of luck with your entrepreneurial career! And please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

This is how started.