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Cloud Computing: Starters Guide

Friday December 09, 2016,

3 min Read

Round the world where ever you go from west to east and north to south, IT market is echoing Cloud Computing. Right from a geek to acommonman, everyone must have some idea about it because of its huge benefits in this IT era. Know here what ‘Cloud Computing’ is and how it works? After reading, you will get to know

• What is Cloud Computing?

• How does it work?

• Uses of Cloud Computing

• Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing is the distribution of computing services over the internet. The services include storage, networking, databases, analytics, servers, software and more.

Companies offering theseservices such as SBase technologies are called as cloud providers and charges as per usage just like how we charged for phone or internet bills.

How Cloud Computing works:

Depending on the service provider, it varies alittle bit in services. Many companies offer browser-based dashboard to assist IT professionals and developers in an easier way. Through this, they can run their accounts and organize resources. Apart from this, some companies offer multiple options to developers such as Command-line Interface (CLI) and API’s to work on.


Directly or indirectly ‘Cloud Computing’ is offering its many uses to us. For instance, if you are using an online service to send documents, emails, and movies to your friends or watching videos, playing games or any other stuff you do on the Internet means ninety percent of the credit goes to Cloud Computing. Know below what you can do with the cloud:

• You can create new applications and services

• You can host blogs and websites

• You can stream videos or tune music

• You can analyze data and make approximate predictions

• You can store much data and backup

Though the Cloud Computing has an experience of less than a decade, it never stopped many organizations to grab the technology because of its huge benefits.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing stood as the path breaking turn for IT resources on the way about how they think about traditional way businesses. These services provide many advantages to the users in terms of cost, speed, productivity, global scale, performance, and reliability. Let’s look into it deeply.


Companies can get rid of capital expense on buying software and hardware with Cloud Computing and can set up and run on-site data centers.


Normally these services give businesses a lot of flexibility with just a few taps on touch pad or click on the mouse and take off the pressure of capacity planning. Most of theservice providers offer on-demand and self-services. So that it makes possible to provide avast amount of resources in minutes.


Cloud computingwill drastically improve the productivity with its worthy services by eliminating racking and stacking hardware setup and time killing IT managing chores.

Global Scale:

These services have an ability to scale elastically and could deliver the right amount of Information Technology related resources like bandwidth and storage.


When coming to the performance of these services, cloud computing runs on secure datacenters with an efficient and upgraded computing hardware.


Using Cloud computing you can make data backup much easier and at an inexpensive cost with much reliability.