And it does not matter!

It does matter.

Wednesday October 11, 2017,

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A cool rainy day it was and Ravi was sipping a coffee and going through the headlines in the newspaper. From severe bomb threat to young generation suicide over a game, everything was filled with negativity. One nation tested its Nuclear bomb and other nation cut ties with him. One country killed other countries soldier. It all happened as if it doesn’t matter to them at all what other person connected to them go through.

To a nation, his people is connected to him. To a child his family and friends are connected to him. To us we all are connected to someone in our life. But at one moment of life it didn’t matter to us if either we are connected to them or not. And that moment does create disasters. This moment does come in everyone life. Some win it. Some lose to it. Some may agree to it. Some may deny to it. But truth shall not change.

Ravi thought all this while reading the newspaper. He googled and found that this is not a day affair. Everyone is aware of the truth of having one life but still everyone is urge in pulling another person down. Either by his power to show how powerful he is or either to take revenge to satisfy his/her frustration and depression. As if it doesn’t matter to them what people connected to them will go through.

Physically we may not be disable, but mentally we tend to be.

Technology has grown in such a fast pace that once it took years to send an information from one corner to another, now it takes few hours to launch missile from one end to another. What is being gained? NOTHING. Why everyone of us are not happy by what we have. Why we tend to have something that other has. We human has achieved so much in our life over these years, but as it is said “Every gain has a price to be paid, either today or tomorrow.” So, what is the price we are paying for getting so advanced. Are we really enjoying this growth in real terms? Why it doesn’t matter to us that our actions may spoil someone else life?

A child is being raped and a lover is being killed. Soldiers are getting beheaded and youth is committing suicide. Nations are fighting. We all are aware of outcome of these activities but still we fell into these traps to commit such sin. And we commit these sins as if THE OTHER PERSON DINT MATTERED TO US. Doesn’t that mean we are highly advanced and educated fools? Obviously, not of all us are but aren’t we paying for someone’s else act of similar nature. You may not be that person but who knows you may be that someone or your friend or your relative that may be affected by it one day in real terms. Do you wish to create such a hostile environment for our young ones?

Four seconds of a thought before taking any action can help you take a better action.

In life if someone matters to us then no matter what we never mean to hurt them. But still we hurt them without giving it a second thought. Why do we hurt them? It is just because of our anger and ego. When we are angry over something we tend to react on our anger than on the situation. We commit such actions for which we feel regret later. But four seconds of pause to disconnect the situation from the anger can help us to take better discussion. A pause of four seconds will help us to think what matters to us. How much that person or nation matter to us. How much that community matters to us. It will help us to realize that the other person may or may not matters to us but he matters at least to someone. 

A leader can safeguard his country, a citizen can safeguard his other citizen, a boss can safeguard his employee, a couple can save their relation, an angry man can save his and other person’s life. In broader term, we all can have a better society by just giving a thought to one thing  THAT EVERY LIFE MATTERS AND MY DECISION DOES MATTER AND IT DOES AFFECT OTHER. Truly said, " WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND" 

😊 Live for a Better World. Happy world 😊