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One Mantra that Amazon deploys to beat Flipkart!

One Mantra that Amazon deploys to beat Flipkart!

Friday March 10, 2017,

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And that Mantra is - Care.

Well, I must say this first. I'm not a big fan of direct foreign companies enjoying in India. Yes, they have lots of cash to close down all their Indian competitors. What fun they have competing with poor Indian companies?

Still, there are things that we should learn from them.

And that is - The Care.

No, I'm not talking about Amazon's famous customer care. All of us know how good their customer care is from our own experiences.

But the other care they provide is Agent Care. Seller Care.

As a dropshipping company, we closely work with various marketplace agents and sellers. Agents are the ones who help sellers to manage online inventory, across platforms like Amazon & Flipkart.

Amazon calls these agents and ask about their daily sales and sellers' performances, reviews, etc., and provide suggestions on how to improve their sales.

Amazon, being the best technology company when compared with Flipkart & other Indian marketplaces, they are still doing something that makes them click in India. Phone Care.

Yes, though Amazon testing drone delivery and robots in their western warehouse, they still understand that phone works best in India. It helps them to build human touch as many of the Indian sellers are still not comfortable doing things all online.

It's not that agents has to call Amazon, Amazon calls agents on daily basis. They do this process not for one day or one month. They are doing this process for every single ffcking day. And how sweet is that?

Providing such a strong agent care, they gain the trust of 1000s of sellers. For ex: every agent listed with Amazon has multiple sellers under them, like 10 to 50 sellers per agent, at least. And by talking to these 100 agents, Amazon able to reach 6000 sellers daily.

Agents are the ones who closely communicates with the sellers and help sellers understand the technology better.

Now compare this with our other Indian marketplaces

Snapdeal. About 300-400 crores of sellers money are stuck with Snapdeal and Online sellers association are trying to talk to Snapdeal founders for weeks now and still they couldn't connect with them.

So as a seller, which marketplace would you prefer to sell on?

The one that care for the sellers, right? And that's how Amazon making all the Indian e-commerce companies irrelevant.