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5 benefits of custom software development for startups

Benefits of hiring custom software development company for your startup

5 benefits of custom software development for startups

Monday April 16, 2018,

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Custom software development or the packaged software to handle all workflow, analyze and provide data projection for the near future is being adopted by many startups. This can be compared to a readymade garment and a custom stitched one.

Depending on the advantages of the custom stitched one, people intend to use them for important life occasions, similarly, a startup is an important step in your life. Don’t you think it deserves a custom-made software?

While you think on that, I’ll provide a few benefits which will assist you in making a wise decision. Packaged software will have common features, which provides assistance to your work to a certain extent and you will soon face difficulties over time. Instead of worrying about such difficulties over time, why not make a wise decision now to get it customized as per your work needs and necessities?

Benefits of hiring custom software development company for your startup


The software will be developed for one purpose only, removing or disabling all the unwanted features, for now, the software will have customized features which are essential for your workflow. Even though the excellent software is available to use, none would have a 100% compatibility with your line of work. You would still have to tweak a few things in the package to get the precise output you are looking for.

With complex and intuitive (responsive) designed, this is ideal irrespective of the type of business. Any computation and analysis are needed, a custom-made software will make a huge difference in productivity and efficiency. This certainly helps lift one wanted burden off your back and the workflow will progress without any hassle.

A software built from scratch holds more value than combining a few modules to build one, similarly, custom-made software holds more value than the packaged ones due to this very feature of customization at unprecedented levels.


You will be wondering why I put expensive as a benefit, for a startup expensive would be a burden on their budget. However, the software seems expensive at the beginning due to their very purpose of custom-built nature, the price you pay initially will make up for multiple times loss that you may incur in the future.

Over the long run, the cost-effectiveness of the software will be clearly visible to you. The packaged software will have to be purchased usually on a yearly basis due to its license renewal. When it comes to custom made, there is no such thing as license since it is made for your company, you own it.

The benefits that we are discussing include a few more points like integration and scalability which cannot be achieved to the optimum level using an off the shelf software. That’s the reason I mentioned expensive instead of cost-effective since people have to know about this big difference.


An organization may or may not use multiple software programs. If using multiple software programs to increase the productivity of the workflow, it may backfire. The main reason would be the confusion created while trying to use and maintain those programs. In order to avoid or cover up this messy situation, a custom-made software will integrate to the workflow from the lowest level to provide a uniform and hassle-free approach.

The integration will also determine the expertise of the users which helps predict the production for the near future. A constant monitoring and update will be maintained or has to be arranged by the organization for any changes in the workflow and user database.

Any quirks can be fixed with slight tweaking and ensure that the software is compatible with your business to the optimum level. Due to the constant update in technology, having a software which can sustain those technology updates for years is way better than constantly buying the new one as the technology progresses.


You might have here since we have discussed so far. The packaged software has met all your needs, why shouldn’t I use it? That is a valid question and I totally agree that the software is fulfilling all your business need for today. However, tomorrow is a new day and many things can happen.

The software that is used should be intuitive and responsive to any major or minor changes based on your business. This sudden expense to update or buy new software can be a burden for your business, having a handy software built from scratch can resolve this issue without the need of buying a new one but making changes to the current one.

The capability to evolve and integrate based on the changes in the business will be implemented in case of custom built software. Scaling effectively based on the subtle changes in the business is a mandate for these software types. In a way, this helps the growth of your business without any software restrictions.


Packaged software sold faster comparatively which means that the customer support you receive from them can be sometimes limited and in various cases none. However, a custom software development company will be at your assistance the minute you call them due to the limited client database they possess, you could expect a much better and personal support from them.

The other perspective to consider here is the maintenance. Since the custom software development company will be available to support with any software related queries and concerns, this tailored software can be maintained for as long as you need. A full support with constant monitoring can be arranged with professional help from the software companies or you could ask for a technical support plan. Either way, this investment will certainly be helpful to the organization in case of emergencies like software crash, downtime and similar situations which are out of your control.

Final Thoughts

There are few key sectors which determine the growth or fall of your startup in the first year, the software you choose is one of them. So, it is better to make a wise decision to opt for either package or custom-built software based on your work requirements. I hope this information will assist you in making that wise decision.