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Let's make every Diwali a purposeful Diwali.! - Hitech Crackers

Hitech Crackers is an online Diwali Crackers retailer which is found on the intention of protecting environment.

Thursday October 13, 2016,

3 min Read

Diwali is usually about Firecrackers and now, every year its gonna be quiet different with the INITIATIVES of Hitech Crackers.

Like all the other youngsters with loads of excitement and enthusiasm, we waited for the most awaited festival, Diwali during 2013. As usual, I was given 500 bucks by my Dad, who wanted me to get lump sum crackers to enjoy for the whole night. I ran to the ground where all the Diwali crackers stalls were installed. I returned home with crackers filled in a 1 Kg polythene and felt very disappointed. I took another 500 bucks to get few more crackers but I went to another shop, where I got crackers that filled a 5kg polythene. I was amazed and this made me analyse to what extent cracker dealers are filling their pockets. I started digging more into the pricing part and learnt that the manufacturing cost and selling costs are hugely disproportionate and customers are at the mercy of the pricing the shop sellers quote. All this makes it so difficult for a middle class family to enjoy Diwali with the retail pricing of Diwali crackers. 

Then the idea of selling Diwali Crackers Online was initiated and Hitech Crackers was found in the year 2014 with an idea of offering Diwali Crackers Online in Hyderabad. Whole idea was to offer Diwali crackers at the best price in the market, especially relevant in quality. We had several thoughts with respect to Diwali fireworks, because we would sell products that as a result will generate environmental pollution. Also, resulting huge wastage of money which would have used for charitable activities. Providing Diwali Crackers Online in Hyderabad 2016 at the best pricing is our current motto. We come up with new initiatives every year to bring up something which is innovative and helpful to the society. 

Diwali 2014 : We have donated all our funds to Vishakapatnam Hud Hud Victims.

Diwali 2015 : We have planted saplings for the orders we received. 

Diwali 2016 : We are planning to take up the development activities of Villages, which also include our default theme of planting saplings for order we receive. 

Why do Hitech Crackers plant Saplings for Diwali?

Since, we all know that Diwali is a festival of lights and colors and now the definition is turning out as a Festival of Pollution. We never wish to have increased pollution levels and just to compensate the pollution, we love to contribute towards a Greener Nation. This is the reason behind our initiative of planting saplings on the name of each customer.