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CA Quick

Never miss an update!

Tuesday July 05, 2016,

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As Chartered Accountancy is a very VOLUMINOUS field and each subject/topic needs regular updates. It is not possible for the institute to provide all the regular updates in details to students and members.

In the other hand, there were few webistes who were providing regular updates and generate earliest content on the vast topics related to the fraternity. But these websites were not known to the CA students & members due to lack of information. There were hundreds of thousand people who does not know about all the categories these portal covers.

Unless students and members come to know about the websites like, which creates high quality useful content, website was not also getting the traffic it deserved.

Also, It was not possible for these websites to promote their content extensively leaving the basic work i.e. generating quality content.

So, we Ganesh Gite & Vinay Jhawar, (CA students doing articleship training) came with a solution for this problem,

CAquick, Never miss an update...

CA Quick is an Android news aggregator application which provide the quickest news updates via RSS Feeds.

Here in the application we will only post Title and 20-25 words summary to let the users know about what the article is related to, inducing link of your article/post to read full article/post which will ultimately drive traffic to the source website.The traffic then, depends on the content and quality of the article. Consequently, webistes get the traffic they deserves. On this platform we focus entirely on promoting Quality and Useful content which appeals to people who will actually reads the articles.

So, as these websites are busy with getting quality content for the people, we will get the readers to them.

The app was published in the month of May 2016 and currently has more the 3000 downloads. App has driven traffic to 50000+ articles.

The FinTech startup is solely made by CA students, Ganesh Gite & Vinay Jhawar.

Our goal is to enhance online reading by displaying contents from sources that CA students were already visiting plus helping them to discover sources that they didn’t know existed.

Therefore, CA Quick is the best way to quickly check the news, Videos & important articles from hundreds of sources to help CA students & members with the latest happenings in the CA field.

Website: www.CAquick.com

Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.caquick.beta&hl=en