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How to maintain privacy of individual at a co working spaces

When it is a organizations that supports work as co working culture then here is a necessity to understand the need for maintaining privacy at work.

How to maintain privacy of individual at a co working spaces

Wednesday June 07, 2017,

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Any organization whether it is a traditional working space or a co working space is a combination of individuals working together. This involves all the top managers, employees, owner and also the labours working as a team. At such organization often keeping privacy is difficult. An individual work with maximum efficiency only if it receives a sense of importance and where its privacy is maintained.


A coworking space highly appreciate the idea of working together by sharing thought and ideas with one and all at such places it is very difficult to maintain privacy but with simple steps privacy of individual can be maintained at a co working spaces.

Strategic anonymity

There can be anonymity with the need of privacy of an individual. Some individual find deep privacy in the middle of a crowd of strangers while other find it as disturbance. Some people are able to focus on work when they do it in some café for other 2 by 2 cabin is the best place to concentrate on work. Working in an environment with a moderate level of ambient background noise can enhance performance on creative tasks. This can only be achieved at a co working space. The key is that it’s strategic anonymity that individuals choose when and how to make themselves comfortable work you cannot change the environment as per individual needs but you may bring a coordination altogether to meet everyone’s need.

Selective exposure

In today’s world sharing of personal information and thoughts, some like sharing even their family affairs at office while others do not want to share even the simple rules to be followed at office. With the change in this scope the need of information is being shared and demanded across new channels has exponentially changed and reached to higher degrees. Co working spaces gives space to sharing of ideas between employees. With this it becomes a duty of top authorities to ensure that every individual get selective exposure to share their thoughts with other so that they do not feel lonely at the office. With this they will feel privilege and will continue to work with enthusiasm. Often to formulate ideas by giving privilege by conducting meeting. You can also conduct meetings at business meeting center in Gurgaon

Intentional shielding

People often think that they are being disturbed when they are being watched or eavesdropped on because this disturbs their work and affect their productivity in some manner. Often people use shielding tactics to protect themselves from their heads. Many people avoid working in spaces where there is strict hierarchy. Co working negated the need of working in a hierarchy where top managers indulge their nose in almost all the work what their peers are doing. Yes of course every organization requires a eye over whatever work is done but intentional shielding is not prevailed at a co working space which can acts as hindrance for individuals.

Entrusted confidence

Privacy never means to be alone. There are different concepts of privacy in different contexts in the workplace. Privacy can be a individual information to be stored encrypted in a PC in an organization, it can also be a groups of individuals having private conversations. There are different concepts of entrusted confidence and it is very necessary to maintain the privacy of such aspects even at a co working space. This is because if no confidence maintained then it may create a sensitive problem that feels like a disturbance for individuals. No one can deny the fact that work is demanded greater only at places where individuals feel secure and their confidence is maintained.