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8 Essential Components to Build an Online Store

8 Essential Components to Build an Online Store

Tuesday August 27, 2019,

4 min Read

The style of shopping has changed a lot. Most of the persons are giving preference to online shopping. Companies are also designing their online stores to attract customers. There are many eCommerce websites available today. The competition between the online stores is growing day by day. There are some essential components in the eCommerce website development to make the site successful.

The components are :

1. Clear Logo of the company on the website

For any brand or website, a catchy and bright logo attracts the customer. The Logo should be easily identified among the other logos. The Logo is the symbol of trust of a company or an organization. The Logo identifies a company, and many favorite brands are recognized by the logo image. The Logo should reflect the ideas and products of the company.

2. Promos and Offers :

Most of the customers look for offers and promos that are given on the website. To grab the attention of the customer, have the promos, and offers displayed on the home page. If nothing is found attractive, then the site is closed to the customers. Deals also attract customers and help you to increase sales and revenue. The page navigation must be easy, and the product search should also be done fast.

3. Branded Products on the top :

Some people have a choice of buying only the branded things. So the eCommerce Website Development should be designed in a way that the branded products are displayed on the top of the website. Branded products with the best offer, gives a chance for the customer to go through the product and make a purchase. The next branded items can be placed after the branded items.

4. Sign Up and Shopping Cart :

To develop an Online store, you need to have the Signup and cart option on the website. The features like Signup and shopping cart must be side by side for easy access. Regular customers can be given a login and password for saving their previous orders and also provide a review of your products. Having a search box feature allows the customer to search for a particular product and directly go to the product features. The icons of Login, search, and cart, can be placed side by side so that the customers can explore your site in a better way.

5. Displaying the Payment options available :

Most of the online shopping has the facility of online payments. The online payments are now secure and made easier by the customers. You should clearly state the form of payments that you accept. All online stores accept not all cards. Some accept International cards, and some do not. Display the list of cards that you accept at the footer of the website or on the payment page. The customer is well prepared for the payment options after seeing the icons on the site.

6. Social Media Links :

Most people surf through social media websites for having reviews and knowing more about the company and products. By displaying the social links on your website, the customer can easily get linked to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. The social sites can also be used as self-promotional sites, and we can ask the customers to give reviews on your service or products. Promotional activities can also be conducted on Facebook and send to primary or regular customers.

7. Phone numbers and online chat options:

Your company phone number needs to be displayed on the website, which helps the customer to contact you at times inconvenience faced regarding the site or in the delivery of the products. It's better to have a 24-hour line for answering the pre-sales and after-sales questions raised by the customers. Another option available is online chat. You can have a live conversation with the customer to rectify the doubts and queries of the customer in time.

8. Trust-marks in Payments :

As for online shopping is concerned, all the payments are made through online transactions. So you must provide a guarantee to the customer that the transactions are safe from prying eyes. Accreditation certificates like Network Solutions, McAfee, and other trusted companies will give a sense of security to the customers during the payments.

Conclusion :

An Ecommerce Website needs to be developed very carefully with all the above features included. Other features could be added based on the requirement of the website owner.