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How to do business on LinkedIn

Even today, there are many professionals in India who are unaware of LinkedIn's potential to attract customers. They are, therefore, wasting valuable income for their business. In this article, you will discover all the keys you need to know to achieve business in LinkedIn and acquire a significant advantage over other agents in your industry.

Monday July 10, 2017,

5 min Read

Keys to doing business on LinkedIn

Build your credibility if you want to do business on LinkedIn

The credibility of a professional will greatly determine the ability of the professional to reach agreements with potential clients and do business on LinkedIn.

Complete and optimized profile

The first step you must take is to complete your profile, making sure that it offers the best professional image possible. Complete each and every one of the sections, paying special attention to the words you use. These will work as keywords, which will determine the positioning you occupy in the results when a user searches the internal LinkedIn search. If you want to guarantee a good positioning in this search engine, repeat that word or words that you consider most relevant in the professional extract, as well as in the data of your current position, previous positions, and specialties.

Remember that the " Description of your profile " is the section that receives the most exposure so that it measures your words well. Be sure to make an excellent value proposition and provide a precise definition of what you are doing.

The picture you put on your profile is equally important. Use an image that reflects professional rigor and at the same time closeness. A neutral background and a smile will contribute to making a good quality photo, a winning profile.

Get recommendations and validations of your skills

Both factors will greatly enhance your professional credibility with potential clients. Whenever the occasion arises, ask a colleague or client for a good recommendation and validation of your skills. The keys in this regard are the gift of opportunity and reciprocity. Do not hesitate to make recommendations to those professionals whose work you trust and, most likely, they will return the favor.

Post updates and content frequently

If you are able to publish useful content with a certain frequency in your profile, you will contribute to reinforcing the image of a professional who is up to date with the latest trends and knows the market. It is not necessary that it always be its own content. Share the content that you consider interesting or relevant and your contacts will thank you

Participate in "LinkedIn Answers"

This forum is designed so that users can talk publicly. If you know how to actively participate and offer high-value solutions you will gain a lot of credibilities. And what is even better; Thanks to the authority that LinkedIn has, your response may appear in the first results of the search engines, according to which keywords you use. You will be able to attract a large number of potential clients to your LinkedIn profile directly from Google or Bing.

Make contacts to do business on LinkedIn

Search for contacts and suggestions

LinkedIn offers several ways to get in touch with other professionals. On the one hand, you can do a search in the internal search engine using the words you consider appropriate, whether professions, proper names or other concepts. On the other hand, the network itself will make suggestions from your email contacts and even from the contacts you already have on the network. Once you get in touch with other professionals, do not hesitate to send them a welcome message or for any other reason, you deem appropriate. Start creating links from the first moment.

Join groups and even create your own

Groups are places to share ideas and projects, as well as ask and bring value. If you want to be successful when doing business on LinkedIn request your admission to groups in your area of interest and actively participate. You must take into account two fundamental aspects:

Participating does not mean offering your products or services. Help first solving doubts and problems and customers will come to you.

Do not stick to the groups in your area of activity. Unlike. Join groups that may be integrated by potential customers of your services.

When you consider yourself an advanced user do not hesitate to create your own group and invite all those users that you think may be interested. The amount of information you will have access to as a creator of the group is priceless.

Use your own applications to do business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn has an app that you can install on your smartphone and allow you to transfer your contacts easily to any professional you can meet at an event. It is a very sophisticated, technological and elegant way to present your business card.

Area of applications

LinkedIn also offers a large number of applications that will help improve the experience of visitors who access your profile. You can share files, connect your profile to your WordPress blog or your Twitter account, and you can even manage projects and tasks. Best of all, these applications are totally free.

Use LinkedIn Ads to Do Business on LinkedIn

This advertising system - similar to Google Adwords - will allow you to create ads that will be shown only and specifically to potential customers. You will be able to determine the criteria you want to target the advertising recipient and attract highly qualified prospects. In addition, you will only have to pay for those clicks you receive, that is, for those people who actually visit your profile and, therefore, are really interested in your services.

As you can verify doing business on LinkedIn is possible and is within reach of your hand. Start today to work on this powerful professional social network.

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