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Payroll policies and its relatedness with employees' productivity

Monday October 16, 2017,

3 min Read

It is a lucrative idea to adopt payroll software for your company. The company will get benefits beyond your imagination. It will promote your firm’s productivity by making the communication flow hurdle free as it simplifies HR procedures. It will enhance productivity of your employees.

1. Cost and time effective

Just think! Your company is having more than 50 employees and you are calculating payroll manually. Calculation of tax, salaries will become a tedious task for HR head. The research said Every HR head is spending 10 hours per month for these calculations. You have to pay wages to employees I am sure you are paying 30 to 35K to those employees. Payroll software is one stop solution for these problems.

2. Controlling becomes easy

Controlling is the omnipotent activity, but employees perceived it in a wrong way. If you want to have real time access to database payroll software is going to help you in every phase of controlling. From sales to Marketing from IT to production payroll software will create automatic remainder henceforth you never miss a single matter of an organization.

3. Ease in strategic planning

The days are gone where meetings were conducted frequently. In cut throat competition, accuracy is the key. Whole prediction will go in vain if someone makes a single mistake while doing calculation. Payroll software will predict future expenses for you. When a single decision is a vital automation will have a universal present.

4. Attendance control

No one can beat technology. It is better to keep a real time record on software rather to keep attendance records on a printed excel sheet. You can monitor every employee’s leaves, entry and exit time, number of available leaves and what not! Imagine you have 50+ employees and your HR department is keeping record manually. You will get the transparent structure of an organization with flawless workflow. It is directly connected with productivity of employees. It will gain integration between individual goals and organizational goals.

5. Self-motivation will bring novelty

If you have 20 employees in a sales team and each of them can view information regarding achievements, awards and standards. They will raise themselves to reach higher targets for the company. Your employees will be motivated to learn new skills. Isn’t it so good idea to increase sales?

6. Reduces Turnover

Employees tend to shift in another company when they felt they are being cheated or not valued by the company. High employee turnover ratio is not good for any company. Accuracy, transparency will make employees clear about procedures of the company.

7. Compensation package

Employees have a tendency to think that an organization is not valuing them and the boss thinks that employees are not working hard for an organization. Payroll software is the solution for such an undesirable grievance. It is easy to review a compensation package within the blinking of eyes. It will ease in communication process.

8. Appraisal systems

It is difficult to maintain an unbiased process of performance appraisal. When you are doing performance appraisal manually it may possible that hard working employees are not entitled with an appraisal from mere bird’s eye view. Payroll software will give a minute analysis of every employee. Payroll software will work as a shop window for an organization. If you have payroll software in the organization, it will have a booming impact on the company’s reputation and branding.