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Stop calling yourself an Entrepreneur

Not having a 9 to 5 job doesn't make you an Entrepreneur

Friday June 30, 2017,

3 min Read

Hey, I am an Entrepreneur!

Most of the people, especially the younger generation, want to start a business and establish their own empire. Sadly, not everyone has what it takes.

Every other guy found over the web is an entrepreneur. They practically grow on trees these days. It sounds cool afterall! Everyone is so obsessed and fond of labeling themselves one!

Hey, are you a part of BlackHatWorld community? Did you complete aUdemy course? Are you a loner with no source of income? Or do you sell courses yourself that can make someone rich in no time? If the answer of any of these questions was a yes, you are eligible to call yourself an entrepreneur. Yes, it's that easy. Congratulations! Ohh well, this is what most of the people think. However, it's much more than that.

These so called entrepreneurs don't even know the correct definition of this term. They are NOT an entrepreneur but a wannapreneur. At times, even FAKEPRENEURS! Still, these people run around introducing themselves as an entrepreneur, especially in networking events. This beautiful term has now lost its meaning. Ohh well; it's now a fancier way to tell others that you are unemployed! Over that, there's no entry fee to join the entrepreneur club. It's absolutely free. Duh!

The proportion of people who merely want to be an entrepreneur will always remain higher than those who actually work for it. Reason? It's easier said than done. Not everyone can overcome the hardships of entrepreneurship. No one can be an entrepreneur just by calling themselves one.

Sharing motivational quotes over your social media handles on a daily basis might increase your reach, but it won't increase the chances of you running a successful business.

And the most ironical thing is that those self-proclaimed entrepreneurs who fall under this category will also agree with this article! But, they need to understand, calling yourself an entrepreneur and being one is a whole different concept.

Let me be clear; I haven't written this article to demotivate anyone of you. But, to show you the reality. Afterall, all great entrepreneurs of today were once wantrepreneurs. However, most of the wannapreneurs are not going to become entrepreneurs.

How to be an Entrepreneur?

Taking action is the key! Those courses are of no help until and unless you take action.

You will fail! Not once, twice or thrice. Maybe a hundred times. But, is that going to stop you? If it is so, then probably you are not the right fit to be an entrepreneur. 'Entrepreneur' is more than a title. Putting it on your business card or email signature line ain't going to do anything unless you work for it.

You need not be intelligent, visionary or super productive to be an entrepreneur. It's not about you. It's about how well can you run a business.

Entrepreneurship is rarely about money. It's all about designing systems that can scale a firm into something bigger than themselves. Cash will eventually flow in when the system is set to work. And it makes money even when you sleep!

Put in some efforts. Work smart. Work hard, you will go through tiring days and sleepless nights. Chase your passion with full dedication. It can be too boring at times. But you have to overcome it!

Deep inside, you may feel insecure. But, those who are afraid to fail can become hyper-focused to succeed.

So is the life of a true entrepreneur.